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Discovering Ecommerce for the First Time

Sep 8, 2008
Young Ehud had never been to the city. He was often asked to go to a certain house in his village to see if there were eggs available or perhaps a little olive oil.

But today was Ehud's 13th birthday and he was going to the city. He had been promised a new coat and his papa knew exactly the tailor to make such a beautiful jacket.

As Ehud and his father walked along they saw more people along the road then lived in the village they called home. There were more camels than Ehud believed existed in all the world.

Men sold jewelry in tents along the road and games of chance were common along the way.

When Ehud arrived in the city there was a visual feast waiting for him. So many things he could only dream about, and they were all in one place. Delicious fruit and meats, clothing and pots, shoes and goats. Ehud was certain he could never go back to the village and feel the same again.

In some ways this is what it is like to take a tour of online ecommerce for the first time. This is important to understand if you are involved in ecommerce.

There are many who are entering the world of online shopping for the first time. They may not understand one click shopping checkouts and which shipping method to chose. These online rookies are simply dazzled by a world they never imagined could actually exist.

The abundance of selection can put some new users in a mode of sensory overload. They may have been unaware there was so much available and so much that could be found quickly.

This wow factor may be minimized in those who are younger. Many of these consumers have grown up using the Internet and it has become normalized for them. There is little to get excited about simply because the massive opportunities are expected. For some the existence of the web is simply an entitlement issue.

However, you should not be surprised if you receive a note of thanks from someone who is still trying to grasp the implications of an on demand world.

It often seems there is ample encouragement for all individuals to get plugged in to an online world. So many things are automated and the need to understand technology just hasn't gone away.

If you are involved in ecommerce it should not surprise you that many mature adults are taking classes on the use of the Internet. The web provides the opportunity for grandparents to keep in contact with grandchildren. Users can engage in a video chat with other family members and they can easily send photos to share of special moments.

Many users are finding this a desirable place where they can stay better connected to their family when distance is an issue.

That being said, these timid users are branching out and discovering people like you who can provide things they need, want or are simply interested in knowing more about.
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