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What An Editor Can Do For Your Business

Sep 8, 2008
When most people start looking through the Internet for a book editor to heighten or maybe even help them rewrite a manuscript or some kind of business report, there's often some confusion about what these people can do for you. First off, one of the big misconceptions is that an editor can actually fill in the blanks on your manuscript but this isn't the case. That's generally the job of a ghost writer, another professional who can work with or even be a text editor as well, but writing and editing something are two different things.

When they're first given a manuscript, no two editors in the world will go at it the same way. It's important to remember that while editing can be seen as everything from an art form to a crusade, the best editors who work with web content copy and business manuscripts will know the client's intended readers and will be able to process words into communication packages. In other words, they look at text editing as a job that results in a product.

The relationship between the editor and the writer of the copy can be strained at times. Especially if a person is working with SEO or other kinds of specific marketing tools, it's the text editor's job to make the kinds of changes that don't always seem apparent to the person who wrote the text in the first place. When dealing with fiction, it's best if the book editor has a solid background that he or she can present to the writer as a website or other kind of portfolio so they can see the person is competent at their job.

Still, there's no doubt that the accomplished editor can polish whatever kind of text that you've got and bring out the best in it. Regardless of whether you've got an online business or a novel that you want worked on, using the right text editor will ensure that you wind up with professional copy although the text may not have been written that way in the first place.

Most of the experts in the field when pressed will say that the craft involves a number of different elements. At the top of that list is a need for research on the editor's part, followed closely by strategy, perception, organization and a strong confidence in the language. There are other elements like clarity and accuracy that most book editors and text editors alike often see as byproducts of having the right skill sets.
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Robert Starr is a professional writer/editor with several published books and a degree in journalism. He's brought 20 years of experience in the craft to his own on line writing/editing service. You can reach him at
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