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How To Improve Your Search Engine Traffic and Rankings

Sep 8, 2008
Webmasters can improve the ranking of their websites by increasing the number of high quality sites that link to their pages. This advice is from Google. So you should follow this advice, but how do you accomplish this?

Myths about the Internet:

1. You need to have a top ranking site in Google to have a successful business.
False. eBay has thousands of people that are successful and eBay has never touched the Google search engine.

2. Google has seized the most traffic or page views on the Internet.

False. YouTube is actually the website that has the highest page views on the Internet. Why? Because video is taking hold on the Internet. Even MySpace has more traffic than Google. Why? Because MySpace is a social community that people come back to over and over again.

3. Google is the top traffic search engine on the Internet with the most page views.

False. Yahoo is actually the top search engine followed by Google and MSN. Yahoo earns the most page views because they are on most new computers automatically. Yahoo has created a community that has more new and repeat customers.

So why improve your site ranking? Well, people think that you have to have the number one spot in Google, but you don't. There are thousands of businesses that don't have that number one spot and are still highly successful.

The key is to have an extensive Internet presence instead. You want to have a presence on every street corner of the Internet at which customers in your niche would walk. So no matter where a person in your niche looks they should be able to find your information.

How do you do this exactly? There are four different types of content which include:

1. Articles
2. Press Releases
3. Video
4. Audio

Did you know that these four types of contents can be interconnected? For example, you can use your article and repurpose it into all the other three types of media. You can turn your article into a press release and then morph it into a video. Then finally transform it into an audio podcast. Each media format will have the exact same content just presented in a different manner.

Remember, everybody learns differently. Some people like to read while others like to watch a video. So grab every customer you can.
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