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5 Secrets For Outsourcing The Creation Of Your Software Programs

Sep 8, 2008
Time is money. Your time is valuable. You can't waste time on tasks that would be better served through outsourcing. For example, you might not be technical and trying to learn how to create your own website would be a waste of your time. So you outsource this task to web designers and programmers.

You can outsource tasks, both large and small, to freelancers. You can hire individual freelancers through freelance job postings. Another option is to enlist the services of a company overseas that runs a freelance company. This company has employees that act as freelancers for you. They manage the freelancers for you so you be assured that the freelancers are specifically trained for the job. The good news is that freelancers are in an abundant supply.

Are you going to create a software product for your business? Following are secrets for outsourcing the creation of your software programs:

Outsource Secret #1. When you outsource to rentacoder and similar websites, never pay any money until the very end of the project. You should be 100% satisfied with all of the work they have done before you pay them.

If you pay upfront or even 50% upfront you are risking losing your money. The freelancer may take your money and not complete the job. They may make excuses as to why the program is late or they may never even complete the project! Be careful and pay only at the end of project completion.

Outsource Secret #2. When you post your description of your software product, make sure to post drawings of what you want the software to look like. Draw out all the screens and the screens that would pop up when the user hits certain buttons. This may take time, but it is worth it. Be specific and take your time.

You can hand draw the screens or use Photoshop. You can even outsource the drawings to a trusted graphic designer. It is up to you, your budget, and your skill level.

Outsource Secret #3. Not sure what price you are willing to pay? Head over to rentacoder for project price/budget research. Check previous rentacoder projects to see the price level of the bids.

Outsource Secret #4. Need ideas for software programs? Once again, head over to rentacoder. Check previous rentacoder projects for project descriptions.

Outsource Secret #5. You can't copyright your ideas, but you can copyright your actual product. So if you are worried about people stealing your software idea then it is probably a safer bet to use a local software creation business.
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