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Moneymaking For Retirement

Sep 8, 2008
As of this writing you can place $5,000 annually in a Roth IRA. This type of retirement account has the ability to provide tax-free money at retirement because the funds were taxed up front.

Why do I bring this up in an article dedicated to moneymaking?

The reason is simple. If you have a 9-5 job it is likely that you do not have a retirement plan. Some businesses offer it, but many others do not. If you can make $800-1,000 each month in a moneymaking business you can set up your own retirement fund and put away the maximum allowed under existing laws for Roth IRAs and still have extra money left to manage other financial needs.

It is estimated that if a twenty-something individual puts away the maximum amount allowed in this type of account they could see nearly 1.5 million dollars at retirement.

With ongoing questions about Social Security and other international pension plans the use of an IRA puts you in control of how you manage your retirement financially.

When you have a purpose behind your moneymaking idea you can find motivation to make your business thrive. For many a purpose such as an improved retirement speaks volumes.

There are so many uncertainties about the future, uncertainties about the economy and uncertainties about how to pay for things when you want to retire.

There are many individuals who continue to work into their seventies simply because they do not have enough in Social Security to make ends meet. Many had not planned for retirement and must continue to work to support their habit of living.

Frankly we all have to do that, but the ideal is that at some point we can relax a bit. A retirement account allows the flexibility to do that.

If you can find something you can do on a part time basis that can fund a Roth IRA you will see over the course of a few years that your investment is helping to provide an income for you when you retire.

The good news is you can remove your contributions in the IRA without penalty so if there is an emergency you can access those funds (just don't touch the earnings - that's where you can get into trouble).

Individuals have used this for things like medical bills and educational expenses. It's not the most ideal use of an IRA, but it does provide additional options.

Money making ideas are all about determining a goal and working to reach that goal. Your motivation doesn't have to be about retirement, but it should be something you deem worthy of hard work and the investment in time you will have in reaching your ultimate goals.

As with any big idea the great thing about saving for retirement is your hard work now is magnified by long-term earnings. A little extra work may allow you freedom to do many things in retirement and it can reduce the stresses associated with not having enough to meet the needs you may have in your post retirement years.
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