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An Assistant to do Personal Errands and Business Tasks

Sep 8, 2008
There are many ways you can get your personal assistant to do your personal errands in addition to the business tasks that need to get done. You just need to know how.

In order for you to be successful with your business then you need to have more hands and more time. That is the purpose of hiring an assistant. They must help you with anything and everything that needs to get done no matter what it is. You are hiring an extra set of hands and a person's time. How they spend their time when they are working for you is up to you.

If you are busy all day long and you need business tasks to get done that you just don't have time for then you need to have your personal assistant do them. You can stop working until late at night and start living for you and your family. It is time you started getting more things done in the day and had more time for yourself.

If your business requires you to be there at all times then you won't have time to get personal errands ran too. This might include stopping at the post office, picking up your dry cleaning, and more. You can get a personal assistant to do these things for you and it is the only type of assistant you should hire. An assistant willing to run personal errands for you is one that wants to help you become successful and that is the type of assistant you need in your business.

An assistant works for you and you are paying them. When you pay someone to be your personal assistant it shouldn't matter what they are doing. The point is that they are getting paid. There should be no questions asked and no complaints about personal errands. When you have an assistant help with personal errands you have the ability to get more work done and be more successful.

When you have a business that takes up all of your time then you need to learn how to use your assistant to their fullest. You can have more time by having your assistant run personal errands and do the business tasks that are too time consuming. Your assistant should never dictate to you what they will or will not do. A personal assistant is a 'personal' assistant. You should make that clear up front.
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