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The Power Of The Shop Display Unit

Sep 8, 2008
I think it is fair to say that everybody's favourite pastime (regardless of whether you are male or female) is to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon, purchasing new products, clothes or toys. Even though the purchase is a momentary satisfaction you end up with plenty of new 'stuff', which may or may not have any relevance to your life. It becomes a comical event when one finds just how much damage this has impacted onto their bank accounts.

In these instances I find myself blaming the way the shop equipment has displayed the items! Subliminal messaging is what many advertisers use to entice their customers into making the purchases, irrespective of the price tag. At the end of the day, retailers are not your friends, but are there to make money out of you so how much you spend is your own doing! Yet no one can deny that shopping is the ultimate therapy, albeit damaging to your pockets.

What is most interesting is the way the shops display their products in such a way that is eye-catching and appealing. This begs to question how they are able to do this from a single display unit. Depending on the kind of shop it is, there are specific shop equipment used to display the products in such a way that is suitable for all customers to be drawn in. My favourite displays are the ones that display jewellery or books. Each one is laid down separate from each other, individually and making each one stand out from each other.

With the above image in mind, how does one choose which one to purchase if each one is made to appear aesthetically appealing? Of course this down to your own personal choice, however, this may not be as simple as just picking something that you like. Often this can lead to people buying multiple items at once because they simply cannot make a decision based on their own judgement. The idea is to keep the customer within the shop, confuse them on what they would like to buy and tempt them into buying more than one item.

The shop equipment used in most retail outlets is imperative to gaining sales on the products displayed. There would be no point in displaying earrings on shelves, as they are far too small to notice. Jewellery is a fine example of how different products should be displayed, to appear appealing to the customer, as they are delicate and need careful handling it is important that the display units selected will not damage the quality of the products.

Stacking books on a shelf on top of each other is obviously not the way to present the items. Customers like to examine the product they are considering to buy, in order to make sure that they are not paying too much for something that may not be up to their standard. Furthermore they need to see what is being displayed, as many people do not want to spend too much time rifling through a stack of books which should be made clearly visible.

One other essential shop equipment is the lighting. Depending on how everything is displayed, it would be no good if there is not enough lighting to really make the product stand out. However, the lighting does need to be placed in the correct angle so as not to bedazzle people too much.
About the Author
Anna Stenning has worked in the retail industry in the past and has had experience in setting up shop equipment for effective product display.
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