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Google Adsense Click Fraud! Be-Aware

Aug 17, 2007
Website owners involved in click fraud are having their Google Adsense account terminated, sometimes wrongfully. This kind of fraud is normally present where there is money to be made easily, especially in the click for pay online business.

This fraud is the act of clicking on adsense ads for the sole purpose of earning from Google by way of having the advertiser pay for fictitious leads. This is the huge problem that Adsense is facing today.

You can become proactive and help google to control the situation by forwarding your access logs, if you believe there is suspicious activity at your site, they will be able to spot this fraud even better than you could, which is just showing that you want to help.

You could also install a free click monitoring software to monitor activity at your site and turning this information over to google once a month. This is simply showing Google that you too are totally against click fraud. Check all your logs for any suspicious activities and report your findings in a timely manner.
Consider disabling ads from your IP address through the htaccess to prevent any mistakes in clicking adsense ads on your site.

Don't put your adsense code on sites that use pop up advertising, illegal content, gaming or adult information. If you accidentally or intentionally click the ad to see what your viewers are seeing when they click, contact Google and tell them what happened. If you don't do this and google finds out, it means account termination for sure.

No family member should be using your computer to access your website. Chances are they may start clicking on adsense ads indiscriminately, not knowing the grief they will be creating for you. In this case your best bet is to password protect access to your computer.

If family members accidentally find your Adsense, be sure to explain why they must not click on those ads under any circumstances. You should teach them about Adsense and what to do and not do with them.

Many pay per click networks use various security measures to protect website owners against click fraud. Most search engines will track many data points, IP address, user session information etc. They can also detect fraud using special security systems plus their specialized monitoring teams to help advertisers stop click fraud.

Fraud is Fraud, You could be prosecuted, Don't do it.

This is how one can become a Google Adsense participant.

Google Adsense is a program for web publishers that allow them to generate revenue from content they publish on the internet. Webmasters paste some JavaScript that Google provides into their web page and after the Google mediabot crawls the page advertising that is relevant to the content on the page is displayed.

The publisher is paid each time a visitor clicks one of the Adsense ads. Advertisers pay Google each time their ad is clicked and a percentage is paid to the publisher. The side of Google's advertising business that advertisers belong to is called Google Adwords.

Google publishers are paid at the end of each month if their account balance exceeds $100.00. Adsense publishers can choose to receive a check or direct deposit. What makes Google Adsense work for most anyone is the simplicity. Google publishers only need to get content up on the internet and Google does the rest.

How To Get Started With Google Adsense?

Before you can apply to be a Google Adsense publisher you must have a web site. Once you've created a basic web site you can visit www.google.com and apply to be a Google Adsense Publisher.
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