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How to Avoid Turning Your Autoresponder into Automatic Spam

Sep 9, 2008
Spam is defined as any email transmission that is sent without previous contact or consent, or any email correspondence that is sent after a request to cease further emailing has been sent. Your autoresponder can easily turn into an automatic spam machine if you do not adhere to spam laws. And yes, they are laws and that means that there are consequences to refusing to adhere to them.

The absolute easiest method of adhering to all spam laws in making sure that every autoresponder message has an easy and effective method for any recipient to let you know that they are no longer interested in receiving your emails. Usually, a link at the bottom of the page that offers the user an easy out is the best way, or you can offer to receive emails at a specific email address with the word, "unsubscribe" typed in the subject line. These two methods are usually the easiest and have become the most recognizable. Don't make people jump through hoops believing that it can't be considered spam if you never receive the message. Your autoresponder is not there to annoy people with spam, but to help you build your business and become a reputable force in the internet marketing community.

Always include your basic contact information as well. A first name will suffice, although many laws are not clear on this and you might want to place a business name instead of a first and last name, as well as methods of contacting you should you fail to remove a name from the list after a request has been sent. Anytime you use your autoresponder to hassle people with unsolicited email transmissions, you are executing spam. Stay grounded in the rules and your internet business will become more powerful as well as more reputable. Spam simply has no place an good business.

The basic rule in autoresponder creation is limiting your characters to 65 characters. Your client base will have a wide variety of email programs. Some will auto--adjust and others won't. Ask a few friends with different email addresses to look over the formatting as a back up plan. However, you still need to make sure that you are taking the time to learn the formatting that the autoresponder website requests. Often it is simply a matter of whether or not you need to hit the Enter key at the end of each line.
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