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Moms: How to Add Yummy Content to Your Blog

Sep 9, 2008
Are you looking for a fast way to add appeal to your blog? Try adding recipes! It's an easy way to add content that people will "eat up". Everyone eats and most people cook, at least a little bit. But, how do you get recipes that you can use on your blog? There are numerous places to find recipes and I'll give you a few ideas in just a bit, but first let's discuss some legalese.

Recipes are not public domain. There are copyright laws that apply to recipes, especially the directions/instructions and collections. I recommend that you check google for "recipe copyright" to read the full story. Basically it states that recipes can be copyrighted, so you can't just copy and paste them or type from a cookbook. That being stated, there are other (much easier) ways to get recipes that you can use on your blog.

Now, let's talk about 4 ways to find recipes that can be used on your mom blog.

Your Own Recipes

We all have recipes that we make on a regular basis at home. Maybe a favorite dish that is easy to make and everyone loves? Do you have a specialty? Or just a handful of favorite dishes?

If so, they are yours to publish as you wish. Enter them into your blog.

Friends & Family

Does your mother have a special chili recipe that everyone loves? Ooh, and that spicy dip that your sister always brings to football parties.

Start passing out blank recipe cards around the Thanksgiving dinner table to collect all of your family recipes. Then, hit up your co-workers and friends.

Hire a Ghostwriter

The second method that I'd like to share is to hire a ghostwriter to write articles for you. Now, many people don't think about using a ghostwriter in this way, but it can certainly save you much time -- that you could spend in other ways.

PLR Recipes

The fourth (and my personal favorite) way to get recipes for your blog is to purchase PLR recipes. The great thing about PLR recipes is:

You aren't stuck coming up with all of the recipes yourself.

You don't have to pay the big bucks for a writer.

You can edit the recipes as you wish or leave them just like they are.

You can reuse the recipes on multiple blogs. You can do almost anything with them, even create your own cookbook that you can sell.

You can get a lot of PLR recipes for cheap. Some PLR sites sell them for less than a dollar each.

Every PLR service has its own rules, so check it out before buying.

One last tip: For best results, edit your PLR recipes to personalize them. An easy way to do this is:

Modify the directions.

Give the title a bit of pizazz.

Add a little something to it - i.e. suggestion of foods or drinks that would go well with the recipe.

You now know just how simple it is to add a "recipe of the day" to your blog. I hope you get started right away so your blog bring in some hungry readers.
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