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Learn How To Make Money In Real Estate

Sep 9, 2008
If you are an investor and you have several single family homes already then you know the profits are minimum unless you raise the rent twice as much as the mortgage payment so you can gain a profit. This may make your property hard to rent. If your rent is only a couple hundred dollars more than the mortgage payment then your profit is not that much. If you have trouble keeping a tenant at the property then you might be experiencing a loss also. Single family homes are not the way to go if you want to make money.

It is time you started looking at large apartment complexes for your real estate investing. You will find your profits are much larger. When you have an apartment building with 50 tenants then you can be making a profit from each tenant. Your money payment on your loan may be 8,000 dollars a month.

However, if the rent for each tenant is 500 dollars then you are making 25,000 dollars a month. Wow! That is a profit of 17,000 dollars a month. In addition, there aren't many apartments today that offer a rent as low as 500 dollars a month so chances are you could be making much more.

One of the biggest benefits to investing in apartment buildings is that you don't have to worry when you have available apartments for rent. You will learn in the real estate course that the profits from your current tenants help you absorb any loss you might experience due to available apartments.

If you have to do maintenance on the apartment before you can rent it out again then you are not at a loss for this also. The costs of maintenance won't phase you like they will when you rent single family homes. You also won't experience a loss when your single family home is available for rent for many months.

Some real estate investors find themselves renting out single family homes for less than the mortgage is so they can get a tenant to move in. This often creates a big loss and can put an investor in a bad situation. When you have proper free real estate investor training then you can learn about how to avoid circumstances like this.

The point of investing in real estate is to make money and by finding a real estate coach you will be on the right track to financial freedom.
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