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Internet Marketing: Stop Yelling And Start Listening!

Sep 9, 2008
Is it possible that there was a time when spam didn't exist? Was it ever possible to surf the internet without being accosted by banners and pop-up windows? Believe it or not, the earliest days of the internet were almost marketing-free. Internet simply users dialed up, logged onto a bulletin board or newsgroup, and connected with like-minded compatriots to discuss whatever happened to be on their minds.

Over time, however, marketers got wise to the ways of the internet. They began playing their "commercials" and "advertisements" on newsgroups and bulletin boards, often spamming a thread to the extent that it no longer made sense. This "in your face" type of marketing has been slowly replaced by a kinder, gentler type of advertising that makes efficient use of social networking sites without making internet marketers seem like the big bully down the street who won't let anyone ignore him.

Participation Marketing

With the advent of social networking came the rise of Participation Marketing. While Interruption Marketing made liberal use of banners, pop-ups, spam, and off-topic posts in bulletin board threads, Participation Marketing is all about building relationships, talking to users on their terms, and establishing authority based on what you know rather than how many banners you can post.

If we know that Participation Marketing is more effective and efficient that Interruption Marketing, why don't we see more of it? The simplest answer is that Participation Marketing is a paradigm shift. We have to rethink everything we do, and we have to start taking the time to build relationships. Interruption Marketing is an exercise in "hit and run," while Participation Marketing is slow, intentional, and relational. And that's not always easy.

Social Bookmarking and Social Networking

Seth Godin and Jack Humphrey have been trying to tell us this for years now, and maybe soon we'll start listening. The most effective way to market is to start conversations. Do this using Social Networking and Social Bookmarks. Find websites related to the product or service that you're offering. Create a profile that provides information about you and your services. Make sure your profile includes links to your website, and fill it with keywords about your product or service. Start conversations with other users. Listen to what they have to say and build relationships with them.

Although Social Bookmarking began roughly ten years ago, it has only become popular quite recently as marketers realized its potential impact on business. People use Social Bookmarking to determine which webpages they want to visit. The more people bookmark your site, the more likely it is that others will find you as well. Furthermore, backlinks to your site are created when it is posted to a Social Bookmarking site. The more popular your website is on a Social Bookmarking site, the more popular your site will appear. As a result, you will enjoy better search engine positioning.

How to Use Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is simple and efficient. First, tag your website and any of your other web presences (social networking sites, squidoo, blog, etc) on as many Social Bookmarking sites as possible. Next, encourage your visitors to add them to their social bookmarks. Then get together with other social bookmarkers and create a strategy for cross-promoting your sites.

Although Social Networking and Social Bookmarking are relatively new, they are here to stay. Millions of internet users currently use them, and the next generation of users is guaranteed to do so as well. If you're still unclear about how social networking and social bookmarking can enhance your internet marketing campaign, consult as SEO expert or internet marketing company. Those professionals are well-versed in the new wave and internet marketing and can get you going in the right direction.
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