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Franchise Tip: How to Gain Prospective Employees

Sep 9, 2008
Whether you are starting a new franchise or just need more staff for you current franchise you may be having a hard time getting people interested in working for you. It is important that you have a well staffed franchise; otherwise you may lose customers if you cannot meet their needs. I know it takes effort to gain prospective employees. But, somehow you have to get people to work for you. However, you don't usually just want anyone; you want the right person for the job! If you are looking for ways to gain prospective employees to work at your franchise, read on!

You need to let people know that are in fact looking to hire new employees! You can do that a number of ways.

To start you can place a nice window sign in your place of business. Customers are very much potential employees. They already like what you are selling since they are going there and that alone can spark them to work at your franchise.

You can also place an advertisement in the paper or job search magazines. In order to get a response you will need to make it seem desirable, however do not mislead anyone. Things to include may be if you offer benefits, whether it is part time or full time, what positions you are looking to fill, and whatever else you may feel will attract people to work for you.

You can also put up fliers at a local college or community college with similar information as you put in an advertisement. However, you will need to make it stand out since it will most likely go on one big information board. You may even set up a time that you can visit on campus at a college or vocational school and set up a table and talk with people on the spot.

You could sign up to be a part of a local job fair in the area. This is a great way to reach a lot of people since many people there will be in fact looking for jobs. Set up a nice both with friendly associates and provide information about your franchise business. You may even decide to conduct on the spot interviews while you are there.

You may think of putting a magnetic sign on your vehicle to advertise that you are hiring. While you drive around you will be promoting all the time that you need help. You can reach a wide variety of people that way as well.

You can even advertise on the radio that you are looking for some new members to your team. This is usually reasonably priced. Make a simple ad with a cheerful voice and see what happens.

You may even decide to really step it up and put an advertisement on a billboard, bus or bench. These are common ways to advertise and surely you may use them to attract potential employees.

There are many great ways to attract new employees you just have to figure out what works for you and your franchise!
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