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Finding a Proven Work from Home Mom Opportunities

Sep 9, 2008
A mom with young children generally prefers to stay at home till they are ready for school. Most moms love an independent income to pay for those little indulgences or necessities for their families and for themselves. Experts would like any entrepreneur who starts a business at home to find a suitable opportunity and thoroughly research that opportunity to avoid scams. A stay at home mom does not have the time or opportunity to research the many opportunities available to her to make a little extra cash. This is why proven work from home mom opportunities are a safe bet for moms to earn a good income from home.

A data entry online job is a proven work from home mom opportunity. Small companies, small entrepreneurs and not for profit organizations all require information at their fingertips. The mundane job of inputting data into their computers can interfere with the day to day routine and core functions of a company. The company will need to allocate space and in house staff, not to mention the fact that they have the additional expense of giving staff benefits and paying taxes. Companies prefer hiring independent contractors to do the job so that they can continue concentrating on their vital functions leaving data entry jobs to moms who can work at home and deliver the work online.

A "type at home" business is a popular and proven work from home mom opportunity. Professionals like doctors, lawyers and academics are too busy to type their notes or projects and the transcriptionist has become the professional's best friend today. Medical and legal transcriptionists serve a useful purpose by taking dictated audio mediums and converting them into data through typing. Moms can make as much as $75 a day in a transcription job. After the kids go to school, moms can earn more from home by taking in more work.

Online surveys are another job that moms who work from home find remunerative and beneficial. Companies pay well for moms who take online surveys. The feedback from these surveys helps the company to assess their customer satisfaction and improve product development. The survey helps companies stay one step ahead of their competitors. The best part of online surveys is that the mom does not need any special qualification or expertise.

Network marketing is a proven work from home mom opportunity. She can directly sell products on the internet through her website. Many network marketing companies provide turnkey websites which are plug and work ready to use websites. This reduces the workload of the mom, which is always way too heavy. The mom can be part of the down line of a reputable network marketing company and earn commissions from the sales to visitors to her website.

Work at home opportunities for mothers are plenty but proven work at home mom opportunities are what a mom needs. The mom has no time and cannot afford trial and error in a business opportunity when her children are young. She needs a work at home business opportunity backed with hard evidence of sure success.
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