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Are You Interested In A Career As A Life Coach?

Sep 9, 2008
It takes real effort, character strength and wisdom to be a successful life coach. There are some common traits found in all successful coaches in this field. Why do people want to become life coaches? There are two possible answers to this question. The opportunity to make good money is huge; if you have a steady stream of customers, you can expect to make a lot of money from this simple job.

The second answer on why people want to do this is they can get a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. It is an honor being a life coach, to be entrusted with the privilege to be able to make a difference in your client's lives. It is an amazing feeling to be part of your client's successes and realize that you are a part of their triumphs and successes in life.

Do you have what it takes to be a Life Coach?
Not everyone can become effective life coaches. There are some qualifying traits for anyone wishing to enter into this type of work. The most important trait you need to have is the sincerity and eagerness to help others succeed. You need to have an eager desire to assist them no matter how hard things will turn out to be. This is one indispensable trait to become a good life coach.

The next you need to have is good listening skills; life coaches are good at this. If you are the type of person who talks and talks 24/7 then this is not for you. To be a good coach, you need listen so you understand what your client expects to achieve. The only way to develop an effective program for your client is to listen effectively when they speak.

The life coach must also be a lifetime learner. A person can't just become a life coach just because he or she is eager to become one. He or she must be willing to undergo some training sessions to learn new and effective methods to help with the future interactions with a client; obviously this requires investment in the form of your time and money.

Let's envision the future to see if this will be good for you
It is important to have all of the above traits to become a good life coach. So what does this vocation offer? Financially, it is very rewarding. There are some issues to ponder before you embark on this profitable and exciting adventure:

- Is it worth giving up your day job for?

- Is it sufficient to maintain your current standard of living?

- Are you up to face the risks involved?

Those are the questions to answer before you can plunge into this new business. If you feel that this is really something you want to do, then do not hesitate to pursue your dreams.
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