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Your Keys To Building a Profitable Adsense Arbitrage Business

Sep 9, 2008
Pay-per-click arbitrage is a very new business model that only started within the last 6 years and because of that fact there is a lack of reliable information about it. You are going to get expert advice about how you can create web pages that will more than double your ROI when you send traffic to them properly, and you will get insider tips from someone who has made serious money using this information.

So Just What The Heck Is Arbitrage Anyway?

I am not sure how you found this article today, but this section that explains the concept of arbitrage can be applied to many different walks of life and in many different business contexts. If you remember nothing else, remember the power of arbitrage to grow money and you can apply it in many different places to grow your money whether it is with Adsense, stock trading, or even finding the best exchange rates when you travel to foreign countries.

Here is a great example that can illustrate for you exactly what arbitrage is:

If you have ever been to New York City, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of fast-food restaurants. Well in this example let's imagine that there are two different restaurants that are one block apart, and both of these will buy and sell sandwiches.

The key to making profits in any business is to buy low and sell high. Let's say that restaurant #1 will buy sandwiches for $1.00 and sell them for $1.05, whereas restaurant #2 will buy sandwiches for $1.10 and sell them for $1.15. There is a 5 cent spread with each restaurant.

Now if you had $20, you could buy sandwiches from restaurant #1 (they will sell them to you at $1.05) and you could walk a block and sell them to restaurant #2 (they will buy them from you $1.10). If you did this all day long, you would have a pile of cash left over that you generated from buying and selling in the right way. This is the essence of arbitrage, it is taking advantage of price discrepancies to create a profit.

How To Create Adsense Pages That Will Earn You a High ROI

This is a look inside of everything that will happen when you build Adsense pages the right way for PPC arbitrage.

You need to start by picking a popular topic with many advertisers (say Stock Trading) and you need to build a small website about this topic. The way that the Adsense ad-serving platform works is that when somebody loads a web page that contains your Adsense code, Google will quickly check the data on your web page to determine what it is about and then it will send back a feed of sponsored links that are relevant to the content of your page starting with the highest-paying ads at the top.

Google puts the highest paying ads at the top because the more money you make, the more money they make. This also means that the ads that appear higher up in your web page's source code will pay more per click, so it can actually serve you to limit the number of ad boxes you put on your web page.

As a simple rule, the more sponsors there are for a given keyword the higher the likelihood that the highest paying ads will end up on your website. Since Google places a lot of emphasis on filenames for determining ad relevancy, you will want to create a landing page on your site with your main keyword in the filename and send traffic to this page. It will be a good idea to begin building organic links and natural traffic to this page so that you can get a sense of how much you can earn per click, and with this data you will understand how much money you can spend on other advertiser campaigns to drive cheaper traffic to your landing page.

With the insider knowledge about adsense arbitrage you have learned in this article, you now know what 95% of website publishers will never learn and with these secrets you can create dozens of small profitable websites that can turn you into a six-figure Google earner.
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Andrew Shiveley is a professional internet marketer who makes a living as a webmaster and with search engine marketing using affiliate networks. He works with large corporations and Fortune 500 companies to manage their professional internet advertising campaigns.
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