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Web Hosting: The Virtual Landlord

Sep 9, 2008
When people think about web hosting, they don't usually think of it as a landlord-tenant agreement, but it is very similar. The web hosting service provides a home for your site, and you maintain your website in order to continue to be successful. And if you have ever has a bad landlord before, then you can relate to those who are stuck with a bad web hosting service.

In order to get the best web hosting services on the internet, you will want to be familiar with the different types of hosting and the range of costs. First, there are three different types of web hosting: private, shared, and dedicated. Private is a web host provide that will give a separate server to each site, avoiding slowdowns. A shared web host provides a single server to a number of different websites. And a dedicated web host means that you get a private server as well as the entire disk to yourself.

The way to choose which hosting service is right for is to think about how you want your site to appear on the internet. The less you have to share with other websites, the faster your pages will load. You will also want to do a little investigating on the company's reliability for customer service before you shell out the money for them to host your website.

In order to get a good deal on the price, you will want to find a web hosting service that offers a flat rate for the services you require. If you don't, you could end up paying hundreds of extra pounds, euros or dollars for the additional bandwidth that you used. Remember that 2 GB is the standard amount of bandwidth that a website will need per month. If you can find a web hosting service that meets all of these needs, then it will be time to move in.

There are many web hosting providers that now offer large bandwidth allowances, so there is no need to get locked in with a provider that will be charging you extra where other providers are offering it as standard. Also make sure that they provide a 30 day money back guarantee or in some cases the provider may even offer a 30 day trial offer of their web hosting service. This is especially useful as not only do you not need to pay out before you sign up for a full service but you get to try out the company's customer service levels.
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