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Coaching Pays Dividends in Affiliate Marketing

Sep 9, 2008
You probably had a favorite coach throughout your Little League or high school or university days. He or she was that one coach who stood behind you and motivated you on to better performances. You can be that kind of coach to a downline placed under you in an affiliate-marketing program.

Coaching is important in affiliate marketing for three reasons. First, it brings cohesion to an affiliate marketing team. Second, it allows for a sharing of ideas and concepts that make the coach learn as much as the recipient of the coaching receives. Thirdly, and most important, it benefits customers of the affiliate product.

The best affiliate programs have coaches who will train new affiliates from the get-go. They know the importance of coaching affiliate program members early on in the process so they develop efficient marketing habits. A coach who teaches you the proper way to approach article marketing and article distribution saves you time and effort in article promotion. That goes for a host of other affiliate marketing activities they teach you.

A unified affiliate-marketing program results from coaching because everyone ends up focusing on the same goals. What do you do when a senior upline member coaches you on a specific marketing procedure? You normally implement it in your business. When you see the results of the procedure, you then pass it to your downline members. The result is the whole chain of command in the affiliate program s operating as a cohesive unit.

While coaching benefits those receiving instruction it also benefits the coach. If you train your downline on specific functions, you are bound to receive feedback from them. This feedback will be positive or negative depending on the downline member. Whatever feedback you receive teaches you something. Through coaching, you learn more about your downline members and ways they approach their affiliate business.

All of this leads to the customer at the end of the chain. A well-coached affiliate team can better serve their customers. Why is this? It's because knowledgeable affiliates can address customers concerns about a product better. They can write articles that are more intelligent and perform efficient article promotion campaigns that get information to customers.

The customer truly is king and queen. All coaching of affiliate members from the top down must have the customer as its focus. Yes, specific training will focus on duties the affiliate member must perform. However, the activities performed are to ensure customers know about, understand, and can acquire the affiliate product. Without customers, there is no reason for affiliate products, affiliate members, or affiliate training programs.

Your downline will feel they are part of one of the best affiliate programs if you take the time to coach them. It really is in your best interests to do so. You, through a trained downline, will gain that extra second-level cash flow. In addition, you will have greater downline retention. That means sustained income from members who work for you while you do not. That definitely makes affiliate marketing a more enjoyable venture.

A final word about coaching, a coach is only as good as the efforts he or she makes to encourage affiliate members to take part in coaching sessions. You may have great resources available to you from your affiliate parent to expend in a coaching session. Unless you take the time to interest your downline in a session, it's all for naught.

The road to affiliate marketing stagnation is paved with good intentions. You must develop a plan for coaching your downline and then put that plan into action. Educate your downline as to why a coaching session with you can benefit them. Be that coach that they need to lead them on to greater affiliate marketing success.
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