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Use Article Marketing and Online-Classified Advertising Together

Sep 9, 2008
Affiliate marketing offers you many avenues in which to promote your business on the Internet. One of these avenues is article marketing. Another one is using online-classified advertising portals. Each offers opportunities to advance your affiliate business and they can work in unison with each other as well.

With article marketing, you can direct your article writing efforts to specific niche publishers. A good article submission service will offer you many categories and sub-categories for your content. This allows you to focus your writing to a specific niche. You will write content that targets a niche, which means the content will be specialized and detailed for that niche. It will not be general content for general interest publishers. This increases the chances that your readers will link back to your sight. They have a natural interest in your affiliate topic.

Online-classified advertising also offers you the opportunity to target niches. Online-classified advertising sites typically have a broad range of categories where you can post an advertisement. The good ones have many sub-categories as well to really hone in on a specific market.

Article marketing via a good article distribution service gets your links widespread distribution. That's because a quality service will deal with an extensive list of publishers. Widespread distribution of your articles and links means steadily increasing traffic via those links back to your affiliate site. That's why article marketing is a very efficient form of internet marketing.

Online-classified advertising is different from article marketing in the sense of message format. Online ads you post will normally be shorter and more sales-oriented. Article marketing efforts will be longer and more in the form of generic, albeit quality information. The two mediums are different animals and writing must be tailored to each one in a different way.

With article marketing, you have the opportunity to have your work reviewed by a human editor. The best article distribution services offer real-person editing of article writing efforts. They do not blindly submit articles to publishers and hope for the best. This ensures the integrity of your articles so you present your content well to your readers.

Online-classified advertising sites normally do not human edit articles. They do not give your advertising that objective "once over". While you try to put the best quality advertisements out there, in the rush, you may miss grammatical errors. Readers who read advertisements with these and other errors tend to think less of the advertiser.

You can let these two marketing avenues intersect, though. You can put links in your online classified advertisements that link to your article content. This way those who are interested in what you advertise can find more information related to the affiliate product. This gives them a chance to see that you are a knowledgeable expert concerning the affiliate product.

With online-classified advertising, you will promote your specific affiliate product by name. That's what classified advertising is all about. Classified readers expect that, but they also expect some information as well. You can include snippets of useful information extracted from your article submissions and place them in your ads. In this way, your ads promote your product while providing something of value to your readers. They are not just hype.

It's important that your article writing efforts and your advertisements jive in terms of content. Don't have online-classified advertisements link to article content that contradicts what the ads say. Make sure there is uniformity of message across all your promotional efforts. Your left-hand has to know what your right hand is doing. If not your readers will slap you on each side of the head with both, meaning no sales.

Use article marketing and online-classified advertising to promote your affiliate business. Use them together to the benefit of each individually. Take advantage of economically priced article distribution services and quality paid classified advertising sites. Check out the many good free classified advertising sites as well. You owe it to your affiliate business to investigate both of these marketing opportunities.
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