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Quality Assurance Ensures Successful Article Campaigns

Sep 9, 2008
With the time it takes to conduct article writing, you want to make sure your content is suitable for publishers. A good quality assurance program from a reputable article distribution service will ensure your articles meet publishers' criteria. Before you submit articles, check what the different distribution services offer.

What you want from an article distribution service is human editing of your articles. You do not want your submissions sent out blindly via instant automated processing. While some offer basic automated editing, automation does not have as critical an eye has a real live human being does. Look for a distribution service that has professional editors' analyze your article submissions.

One service, SubmitYourArticle, offers the human element when it comes to quality assurance. They advertise an experienced editorial team that will check over your articles before transmitting them. SubmitYourArticle specifically looks for articles disguised as solo advertisements. From experience, they know publishers will reject these types of articles. They catch these "sales type" articles before they go out and make you re-focus your article writing on informative content.

SubmitYourArticle uses human editors to watch for spelling, grammar, content, and formatting violations. Their editors save writers time and effort by educating them on what publishers demand from writers. This helps affiliate marketers to write better articles, which contribute positively to their business growth.

Another article distribution service, iSnare also offers human editors. They also ensure that quality article content reaches general and niche publishers. Their editors look for those common problems article writers are prone to make. However, they give preference, when it comes to quality assurance, to their platinum members first, then, their other paid members. All articles submitted receive human editing to ensure quality. If you are not a paid member, you will probably wait over a week for a review of your article.

Article Marketer offers their proprietary quality assurance program. Their Diamond Assurance review makes sure article submissions meet publishers'' standards. Again, they use professional editors who review articles individually. Article Marketer first provides an insta-edit via an automated process. This looks for glaring obvious problems.

Next, the article goes to the next level, a live editor. Article Marketer's editors also search article content for blatant self-promotion content. They also look for the aforementioned spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Their policy is to give feedback to affiliate-marketers concerning these problems. This way they can fix their article problems and learn from this article submission experience. This makes them better article writers for their next batch of content.

It's important in any article marketing campaign that your best content gets widespread distribution. If you submit to a service not committed to quality assurance, your errors may receive widespread distribution. This is not good advertising for your affiliate business. It makes you look like an amateur.

Article distribution services that offer no quality assurance guarantees need avoiding. In addition, those who only offer automated review of your article writing need steering clear of as well. Services who use human editors to make sure articles meet publishers' demands are the ones that deserve your business. Let's face it; two heads are better than one as they say. Why not get that valuable second opinion on your article before it hits the cyber presses.

SubmitYourArticle, iSnare, and Article Marketer, do offer proper quality assurance for your content. With a little investigating and comparing, you will easily see how they are different from those who don't. Don't leave your article writing efforts to chance. Get that quality assurance from human editors that the good services provide. You will thank them when you see quality traffic heading your way.
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