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Make Sure You Receive Quality When it comes to Quality Assurance

Sep 9, 2008
Engaging in article writing, article submission, and article promotion involves time and effort initially on your part. When you finally submit your content to an article distribution service, you expect them to provide you quality editorial services. Not all article distribution services provide this quality. Three that do are SubmitYourArticle, iSnare and Article Marketer.

SubmitYourArticle offers an experienced editorial team that will check over your article submission. That's right; a real human being will look over your article for any problems. They will check that an article, disguised as a solo advertisement never makes it to a publisher. They know a publisher will reject this type of content. They will notify an author to correct these content violations.

This article distribution service uses editors to check for grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors. Their goal is to ensure there are no issues with an article that reduce its quality. They rely on human editors instead of sending submissions blindly through automated processes that do not give a piece the critical eye.

Another article distribution service, iSnare, takes the time to review article submissions as well. They offer human editors who will give articles the once over. However, they do not promise how speedily your article will receive review. They base their timing of reviews on the number in their queue. Their platinum members receive priority review. Basic members will tend to have a longer wait for editorial services. They usually try to review an article within a week if you are a paid or platinum member. While they offer human review to all, they will not guarantee when free submissions will receive approval.

Article Marketer offers their Diamond Assurance review. They make sure that a writer's content is ready for publishers to avoid lost time through rejections. Article Marketer ensures that articles meet guidelines set by publishers throughout the Internet. They have an extensive list of niche publishers they deal with. Through their experience with these publishers, they know what they want and do not want when it comes to article content. They evaluate each article against a checklist of more than 150 potential article campaign-killing errors.

As a busy affiliate marketer, you may find your days fill with different marketing activities. Being in a rush may cause you to be careless when it comes to article writing. Therefore, you may miss article problems and errors. When you submit your articles, choose an article distribution service that gives you feedback on your submissions.

SubmitYourArticle, upon finding problems with an article, will contact the writer. They will request an author make the required changes and then ask them to re-submit for distribution. On the iSnare site, they indicate that they perform reviews of articles to ensure they conform to publishers criteria. One may assume they contact the author if there are problems, however their site does not specifically mention this.

Article Marketer offers free, professional editor feedback. Along with a quick automated edit, an editor looks for problems that will cause a publisher rejection. Their article coaches look for anything that might cause a publisher to reject an article. They then provide easy-to-understand instructions on how an author can fix their article submission.

Avoid automated distribution services that do not give your article writing efforts the time of day. Services that zip your articles automatically into cyberspace without human review are doing you no favors. You should not pay for a service that gives your articles short shrift when it comes to quality control.

Choose an article distribution service that takes quality to heart. You want your best foot forward when it comes to article promotion campaigns. Let quality human editors from good article distribution services provide you the quality assurance you need.
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