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Don't Let Your Bank Fool You - Why Traditional Investments No Longer Work!

Sep 9, 2008
Saving for retirement is much more difficult then ever. Why? Because most investments just don't give a good return on investment. When you retire, it would be nice to have enough saved to ensure that you can keep the same quality of life that you had before retiring.

There are really only two places that you can invest your hard earned money; assets or liabilities. Simply put, a liability costs you money while an asset makes you money.

The majority of people spend their income on material things or liabilities. They invest in stuff. Stuff for their house, stuff for their kids, stuff that they really don't need, like a new car (what's wrong with a used car?).

Many of us think that our house is an asset, but it's not. It's a liability. Most people are not producing income each month because of their house, but are just spending money each month on their mortagages.

Take a look at your bank statement and what you find may shock you. Most of your income is probably going towards liabilities and not assets. Liabilities such as eating out, new clothes, stuff that we really don't need.

If you can shift some of your income towards assets, then you may start getting ahead and getting closer to experiencing true financial freedom.

People that have found financial freedom have learned to invest in assets or stuff that produces an income.

Many successful entrepreneurs now build multiple streams of income through the internet thus creating a residual income that pays each and every month. Think of a home business as an asset, whether it be online of offline.

If the desire is really there to be financially free then people must learn to invest in assets, and if you don't have much money to invest in traditional investments then invest in a home business. Finding a well known, debt free online business with little or no start up cost may be the best way to begin preparing for retirement.

Really when you think about it in terms of investment, time, and return, a home business just makes sense. It makes sense to spend your money on something that will eventually return your investment back to you many times over.

Over the last couple of years I have spent time reading about and studying several people who are truly financially free. I'm talking about those who work only by choice or not at all. They can do this because they have enough residual income from various investments and income producing assets, that a job is not necessary.

A good home business is basically an investment in your future. Invest today.

Copyright 2008 Joe Rispoli
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