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Internet Marketing Opportunity - Three Powerful Reasons You Should Do Targeted Email

Sep 9, 2008
A great internet marketing opportunity is obviously email marketing. Email marketing can be done many different ways. However it is a proven fact that the most effective way is to send your messages to a targeted audience. In this article let's take a look at three powerful reasons you should be doing targeted email and nothing else.

1. Your ultimate goal when it comes to any internet marketing opportunity is to sell. In email marketing you sell products to your list. The best way to do this is to have a list of people who know who you are.

To make your list a targeted audience you actually encourage people to join it and become what is known as opt in subscribers. An opt-in subscriber is someone who has given their permission for you to send email messages to them.

2. Targeted email means that the information that you send to them is something that is relevant to the list that they are signing up for. It makes no sense to send out the latest and greatest cooking recipe if you have an email marketing list of people who are looking for tips on building an Internet business.

A targeted audience is someone who is looking for information on a specific subject. Targeted e-mail marketing then is a form of niche marketing. A niche is a smaller internet marketing opportunity in a larger theme.

You will make more money if you target your marketing to a specific niche as opposed to a broad theme.

3. The long term benefits of doing targeted e-mail marketing are unbelievable. There are people who report earning over one dollar per subscriber that they have on their list every month.

When you understand this statement you know why there are people who are earning several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month mailing out to their list. This should get you very excited and encourage you to build a large list of your own.

4. A targeted list is a quality list. You will have very few spam complaints from it, and you will have very few people who unsubscribe once they have joined it. This means that you're not constantly replacing old subscribers with new ones.

In conclusion these are four powerful reasons you should use targeted e-mail as your main internet marketing opportunity. If you don't feel you have the skills for that you can certainly learn by joining other people's list and watching how they do it. The bottom line is that anyone can make a lot of money if they are targeting the e-mails they send.
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