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Home Business Marketing - What Is An RSS Aggregator And How Does It Work?

Sep 9, 2008
In home business marketing many people use RSS feeds online to help them get postings from their favorite websites or to get traffic to their own business online. RSS is also known as Really Simple Syndication and is becoming very popular all over the internet. Most people know what an RSS feed is but do you know what an RSS aggregator is? Most people don't have a clue what this but if you are going to be using RSS then you need to know about this.

So, what is an RSS aggregator and what does it do? It is a software tool that reads RSS feed. Now, the aggregator works by searching the internet for the latest blog postings by finding the RSS code, which has the website URL included, that has been added by the owner. When it finds new information it will publish the new RSS feed on your website. There are times the feed will have the whole article, a summary of the article or photos but this will depend on the type of aggregator you are using.

There are two different types of aggregators that you need to know about. The first RSS aggregator is a downloadable program that you can put on your desktop. The second type is web based or on the internet. The downloadable type will usually requires a small fee for you to use it. This type is the most popular because you will get regular updates such as upgrades or patches for the original version, plus it allows more customization for your RSS feeds, page format or design. The web based type doesn't allow this, though with the web based ones you won't have the fee either.

To use the web based RSS aggregator you will only need to register with them to start using their services. You can do a little bit of customization with some of the web based programs but it is limited most times. Some of these services won't allow any customization. So, you need to take all of this into consideration when you are trying to figure out the best one for you to use.

Now, that you know what an RSS aggregator is and how it works, you need to take some time to look at the two different types so you can decide what to use. There are many different aggregators that you can use to read your RSS feed but you have to take time to research them to make sure you are using the one that is the best for you in your home business marketing plan.
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