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Internet Marketing Opportunity - 2 Great Ways For Building Blog Traffic

Sep 9, 2008
One internet marketing opportunity many people use is a blog as their primary website for getting traffic and making sales. This makes sense because more and more people are going to blogs for information and they are so easy for anyone to set up and maintain.

Of course just like a website the key is that you are always working at building blog traffic on a consistent basis. Here are two ways that are proven when it comes to building blog traffic.

The basic internet marketing opportunity getting traffic to a site is that you have to have your blog URL on somebody else's webpage. This is known as a back link and the more of these you have the more potential traffic you can get.

1. Our first top way of building blog traffic is to do more blog posts than your competition. This makes sense just like every other form of marketing. For example, a person who does article marketing and submits 10 articles a day is going to get more traffic over the long haul than a person who is only submitting one article a day.

The same thing holds to true when it comes to building blog traffic. If you are doing one blog article a day you are not going to get as much traffic as a person who is doing several blog articles per day.

So keep in mind that the volume of blog posts you do can have a large impact on the potential traffic you get not only today but in the future as well.

2. One common mistake that many bloggers make is they do not social bookmark their blog posts. This is a serious missed internet marketing opportunity. This is almost like painting a picture and then putting it in your closet where no one can find it.

Social bookmarking is a great way to create traffic to your blog, as well as to create search engine bait for potential search engine traffic. And the other thing is social bookmarking is extremely easy to do, especially if you have the right plug-ins and are using a Word Press blog.

If you are using another platform such as Blogger you can bookmark a multiple directories utilizing services such as Onlywire. They make it possible for you to quickly bookmark over 20 directories with one click.

In summary the internet marketing opportunity using blogs as top ways for building traffic are to increase the number of posts you are making, and then to be bookmarking these posts to the right social directories.
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