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A Review of the Jiff-E-Books Income Opportunity

Sep 9, 2008
Even though they've been around for twenty years, many people still have not heard of Jiff-E-Books and the unique company they bring to the table. After we dig a little deeper into their company, you may not be interested in the income opportunity, but you might just want to purchase some of their books instead. Why? Because they sell personalized children's books and if you have a child, do you think they would enjoy seeing their faces in a children's book? Of course they would, and this company helps make that possible.

However, thats for another day. Today, instead, we want to go over Jiff-E-Books money making ways. Their website is probably one of the most "plain jane" ones we have seen so far while reviewing them all. There is nothing flashy, yet at the same time it has a children's feel with the simplicity of it all.

Overall, it costs $395 for their "economy package" which consists of everything you'll need to make 50 Jiff-E-Books which can be all hard cover books. Its a software you receive giving away all the tools and necessary details to make and sell these personalized books for profit. While the website itself promotes the fact that you are building a positive business to encourage reading most that join are wondering about the money.

Something JIff-E-Books recognizes that other companies do not is the overall cost of inventory. This is why they invented "all digital printing" and according to their website, are the only personalized book company that even does this sort of thing. It allows the business owners to be able to build a book from home even if they do not have any of the titles requested, in their own stock. It's an interesting concept, and definitely a lot different then the ones we've been reviewing.

So then we started wondering how much money you can actually make with Jiff-E-Books, because we couldn't really find a definite answer anywhere. Then we clicked on the Facts and Questions and found that the retail prices for hard cover books are $12.95 each. However, the prices are made by you so in all actuality if you wanted to charge $50 a book you really could, but obviously your sales would be lacking.

Hopefully, you've realized by now that there are companies out there in cyberspace that don't always revolve around MLM, and Jiff-E-Books is one of them. The lowest package is the $395 one we talked about above, but if you feel the others will suit you better, there is also a $599 one and $995 as well. Just go over there when you get some time check it out and try the free personalized book on the links to the left. It will give you an overall idea of what to expect when selling it to others.

As always, don't take our word for it, do your own research that leaves you feeling comfortable with the final decision. We like to start everyone in the right direction, but unfortunately, we don't have all the room to dissect every single company. Instead, we find ones that we like and think you will like too, hoping that when you start your online business or add another stream of income, we helped you along the way.
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