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A Review of the Juara International Income Opportunity

Sep 9, 2008
The first time we came across Juara International, I kid you not, we actually thought it was the homepage of a restaurant and had put the wrong address in the browser. Now this was at first glance, but as we looked a little closer, we realized we were in the right place. Just so you understand upfront, when we review a company from another country, sometimes it's hard to find things that we would normally find on other websites here in the states.

Like for instance, how long Juara International has been in business on the internet. Usually you can find this underneath the About Us link, but on their website it is under the Profile button, stating what the footer says at the bottom of the page that 1992 was the beginning of their adventure.

Juara International resides in Malaysia as the marketing leader in a health drink, which contains Juara liquid chlorophyll. While that might not matter to most, the main thing to look at if you are interested in a business like this is they also sell food products, personal care, and household products as well. They have things specifically made for men and women, along with a product called the "ozone cleaner."

Overall, there are seven different ways to earn money according to their website. Selling the products for profit range from 10%-25%, which we believe to be the main source of income considering the rest of the money making consists of bonuses, incentives, and their travel fund. The only thing the website has in regards to the pay plan is the commission percentages and different level abbreviations. There is no other information regarding the program on their main website so we had to find it elsewhere.

Only problem was we couldn't and to be quite honest, we are not sure if Juara International are still around. Their website footer states they started in 1992 like we spoke of before, but it's only updated until 2005. We found through researching another website as http://juarainternational.com, but came up with a "this website cannot be found" message ten times.

So instead of searching Juara International, we did a search on Juara Konsep Marketing, which is at the bottom of their main website. Amongst everything researched, we came across a trial case from 2004 they were involved in and as the leads all come to a dead end, we believe if you have ever come across this company, you should pass on the opportunity and get involved with someone else. However, if anyone can find more information, don't hesitate to contact us regarding this company.

We definitely weren't expecting to find Juara International in the shape we did, but we are definitely happy if it helps one of you. This is one of the major reasons why we do reviews and tell everyone at the end of our articles to be sure and research companies thoroughly. If you make that a priority when getting involved with a home based business, you'll realize that researching will make you feel more comfortable, and you'll be more confident in your new business.
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