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Home Based Business Marketing - What's Wrong With Most Email Marketers Today?

Sep 9, 2008
When considering home based business marketing methods, email marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet today. As a matter of fact it has been that way ever since the invention of the Internet. However most email marketers are not happy and we are going to talk a little bit about why in this article.

The biggest reason the most email marketers are not happy today is because they do not have a list to mail to. Not only that, but they really do not understand how to build a list and that is a problem for them! A responsive list is critical in home based business marketing.

If list building isn't something that interests you it doesn't mean you still can't make money as an email marketer. For example you can do ezine advertising and mail out offers to other people's lists. There are many Internet marketers today who have an email list that they are willing to sell advertising to.

The benefit of promoting your advertising in an e-zine is that you can it will be blended in with useful content and not just as an ad itself. Of course you can also do e-mail marketing by sending out solo as to people's list and not even putting them in ezines themselves.

If list building seems hard you can have somebody help you build your list for you. One thing you can look into is co-registration leads, where you purchase a set amount of leads and have the company you are buying them from build your list for you.

This is a much faster way than trying to build your own list and can allow you to build a very large list as well. There are people that have a list of several hundred thousand or more just from purchasing co-registration leads.

As an email marketer you may want to build your own list and this is a smart way to build your business too. There is a skill to building a list, but the quality of these people is much higher when they're coming from your website and blog pages.

To become a really happy email marketer you need to make money selling to your list. As you begin to develop relationships with the people who subscribe to it, you will find that you're selling efforts will increase and so will your income.

The biggest reason most e-mail marketers are not happy today is because they don't have a list and because they're not constantly working on building one. This should not be the case for you if you're serious about you home based business marketing efforts!
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