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Online Survey Scams

Aug 17, 2007
Getting paid to take online surveys is a legitimate work at home Internet business opportunity. Many sites, however, that say that they offer you a home Internet survey business opportunity are really offering you only the opportunity to pay upfront money for a listing of those who will pay you to take surveys. Most of these firms you could have found for yourself, and some aren't even current. One consumer advocacy group reviewed hundreds of sites and firms offering survey taking as a work at home Internet business opportunity. Of the hundreds they reviewed they were able to recommend only five.

It's so easy for a netpreneur to set up a Web site offering to pay users for taking online surveys. All it takes is a few hours. There are no surveys from this site, more often than not. These sites primarily turn out to be only a work at home Internet business opportunity for the netpreneur that set up the site. All others pay upfront and get little of value in return. Even if the lists they offer are any good or the links work (which many times they don't) these are quite often companies that again want upfront money for an alleged work at home Internet business taking surveys.

The fees for the initial directories can be as $100. What you get for your money is usually a directory that is out of date, links that don't work, phone numbers that are disconnected or reassigned, and email addresses that bounce back. You don't find any customer service assistance or any refund offer. Once you start asking for a refund due to your inability to start a work at home Internet business opportunity from the material you paid them for, the refuse to reply and then the site is shut down after several dissatisfied buyers. These schemers aren't gone, though - nor are their schemes. They just pop up on the Web under a different company name and different domain. Even when these alleged work at home Internet business opportunity sites are live their navigation is generally poor, information such as contacts is inadequate and some of the pages don't work.

The five sites that the consumer advocate agency recommended as legitimate paid survey work at home Internet business opportunity firms charge upfront fees up to $60 but actually have staff dedicated to helping you find survey clients and assignments. They all offer a 100 percent guarantee of your money back after as many as 45 days. The actual honoring of this agreement has been verified by the agency with each of the five paid survey firms.

With these paid survey sites, the work at home Internet business opportunity may not make you rich but it's a good income. What you can expect for your upfront fee is as many as 25 offers each day to take online surveys for which you are paid about $15-$25 each. Some of them, though not most, pay as much as $75. The lower end payment surveys amount to about 5 - 15 minutes of your time, while the higher paying surveys might take 30 minutes. So, a 20 hour week would provide you with a median monthly income of $1600. Not bad for something will the many benefits of work at home Internet business opportunity projects since there is little if any overhead, no dress code, no training or experience required and hours that you set for yourself.
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