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Free Paid Surveys, Are They For Real?

Sep 10, 2008
With all the survey sites all over the Internet, there is one thing that sets them apart. Some are free and some actually charge for your opinion. Here are a few advantages of a free paid survey site.

How can the paid survey sites expect you to make any money, if you have to pay to be a member of their site. Free paid survey sites allow you to share your opinion at no cost to you. They also pay you for that opinion. Sure the paid survey sites pay you too but you have to a lot of surveys for the paid sites to offset the money you had to pay to be a member. I don't know about you but I am not going to pay someone, for me to tell them what I think.

The paid survey sites claim that if you are a member you can get access to more surveys. If you go to a search engine and type in free paid surveys you will be surprised all the listings that come up. All of these sites give you all the surveys for free. So why do you have to be a member to get the special treatment? Some sites give it to everyone because they want the input.

The companies that offer free paid survey sites know that they will get better response than the paid sites will. I would much rather get paid to do something, I didn't have to pay to do. For the most part, when you find a paid survey site where you have to be a member of the site before you can fill out the surveys, they will turn out to be scams. Scammers think that if you pay to have better access to a survey site, it makes it more credible and so they make all kinds of promises. Actually, they are only after your credit card information. I recommend using the free paid survey sites where you are not required to be a member, that will pay you, through paypal. This way no one is getting your credit card number, or your checking account information.

If you are looking for same extra cash and you decide that you want to try making money filling out surveys then make sure that you do not pay to do this. The companies that value your opinion will not ask you to pay to give them your opinion. They will just pay you to give it. It may not be much but they are showing that your opinion counts. There are tons of free paid survey sites on the Internet all you have to do is choose the one or ones that sound best to you and watch the money come rolling in.
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