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Here Is A Quick Way To Build Backlinks; Use Article Marketing!

Sep 10, 2008
When you have a website you want traffic. The question is how to build traffic without spending thousands of dollars. There are various methods but probably the most effective technique is that of article marketing.

So you may be wondering how article marketing can build backlinks. That is fair enough, I will explain this as best I can.

Let us start with a definition of backlinks. Basically a backlink is a one way link or url coming into your site from another. The name backlink refers to the fact that the link is pointing back to a different website.

The next logical step in this discussion is defining why backlinks are important to you and your website. In simple terms, the major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo rank websites for keywords used during searches. Websites with a larger number of backlinks are usually considered to be more authoritative and therefore will almost always rank higher in the search engines for the selected keywords.

What this means to you is that if you have a great number of backlinks you will receive optimal traffic and get ranked higher. This is free traffic that you will not pay money for.

And yes, it is true that you can spend the time required to request that another site link to yours. I have done this on many occasions with varying results. Sometimes I never hear back from the other webmaster and sometimes I get the link requested.

The beauty of getting backlinks via article marketing is that you do not have to make any direct requests at all. In fact, the people that are giving you the links are the ones that are grateful to you.

Now you may be wondering what I am talking about, so let me explain. When you write and submit a quality article other webmasters and ezine owners will see it. Some of them will use your content on their sites, blogs, or in their newsletters.

Because you have constructed a resource box that provides links to a particular webpage, blog or site you will in turn receive backlinks. Think about this concept for a moment: if you provide quality content your article will likely be found on many different websites as well as in several ezines.

What this means to you is a backlink from each of those sources via your resource box. It really could not get much easier! And the real beauty of this technique is that article marketing can be done with little or no out of pocket expense!
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