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ATM Machine: A Cash Dispenser in Your Store

Sep 10, 2008
Many store owners are trying to find ways of getting more revenue for their business. Installing an ATM in a business can be a great investment that requires minimal upkeep. There are several supply companies who will supply an Automated Teller Machine.

Many business owners have Automated Teller Machine in their businesses, which can work to increase the revenue in their business. Many individuals, who choose not to purchase the machine, will at least buy an ATM device. This individual will pay a monthly fee to the leasing company who will in turn provide the Automated Teller Machine to the individual. Usually if you lease a machine, the company is responsible for the maintenance. Many opt to lease it instead of buying one because when technology changes, they can always have an up-to-date ATM device.

Others decide to purchase machines so that they can in the end own it. There are companies out there who will require the money upfront or will allow the business owner to purchase the device over time. Those who purchase it will enjoy the full benefit of the profits because they can take the full surcharge of each transaction. There are maintenance companies who will service bought machines and many provide twenty four hour technician support. Others offer free ATM installation real time access so that you can monitor the transactions daily. If you want the convenience but do not want the responsibility of maintenance and loading cash, there are services to take these responsibilities out of your hands. Many ATM distributors who install it will give the business owner a guide book with instructions on maintenance and installment as well as how to use the device. However you can usually upgrade your services that include twenty four hour technician support. Many companies where you purchase or lease the Automated Teller Machine from will provide signs to advertise your ATM.

There are several things that business owners take into account when making the final choice. First of all, ATM machines require a bit of space so you have to install it in such a place that it is visible to the consumer but at the same time does not obstruct other products. You will have to think long and hard as to where it will be located. Will it be inside or outside? Will it portable or permanent fixture? You will also need to make sure the machine is insured to protect it for theft, fire and other damages. Many business owners add it to their existing policy. Alarms and security cameras can also be installed and may also decrease of the amount of insurance need.

Deciding the surcharge can be difficult. For some companies the business owner installs the device and can also decide how much of a surcharge to place on each transaction, although you do not want to charge the highest fee in town. Most ATMs require that the individual punch in a PIN to reduce risk. When a transaction is processed, the funds from the withdrawal and the surcharge are deposited into your account. ATM also increases foot traffic and creates loyal customers at times.
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