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Inexpensive Ways To Develop Lasting Relationships With Customers

Sep 10, 2008
Customers keep a business alive. If you want to have a successful business then you have to build good relationships with your clients so they come back to you over and over again. In this article I will show you creative ideas to give back to the people who keep your business going. Giving first has to be your focus to begin with.

My goal in everything I develop, whether it be articles, blogs, teleseminars, newsletters or any product or service, I try to give you as much value that I can jam in as possible. Building a relationship with you is what is my number one focus, and it has to be yours too.

So, how do you do that if you're on a tight budget?

The first thing, create an on-line newsletter.

Insider Ideas is what my monthly newsletter was called. You can still sign up for free and then you'll have access to a 15 to 20 page newsletter once a month that I try to share with your as much information as I can. Now preparing something like this does take a lot of time, but focusing on giving is what I try to do and I want to make sure my costumers feel like they are getting a lot of value. It is returned back to me when I get testimonials from people expressing how much information they received in those newsletters and how much they look forward to getting them.

Another great idea, which I now converted my newsletter into is a to develop a blog. These basically work as an online journal. I use it as a platform for my newsletter, but blogs are be used in a variety of different ways. What is so great about blogs is that the entries don't have to be as long as my newsletter articles would have been and they allow the opportunity to keep in touch with your costumer base more frequently.

Another great thing about blogs is that they can be done for free by using sites like Wordpress and Blogger. Beginners to experts can use these sites, customize your blogs to fit your needs and image, for a very cheap price - free!

If you want to see how I have set up my blog and get an idea, you can go to www.myideaguy.com and sign up for free.

It is a great example of developing an on-line blog or an on-line newsletter, and providing lots and lots of value.

Here is another suggestions that will help you build relationships with your customers: do teleseminars. You have to make sure though that you always keep in mind that you need to continue providing content rich information that your customers will want to hear about.

Nobody wants to be on call that is boring and where they can easily loose interest. You have to be able to keep your callers engaged and make the call fun to listen to. Sometimes on my calls I do things like hold a contest to keep the listeners engaged.

You can have a contest for anything - I've had everything from naming a new product or service I just developed to testimonials contests and creative idea contests. Your calls should always be packed with information, engaging and make it fun. When making it fun, always remember to remain focused on providing valuable information and being of service to your costumers.

That's a wrap! Hopefully you have soaked up these very cost effective and great ideas on how you can build better relationships with your customers.
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