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Advice For Internet Marketing Newbies

Sep 10, 2008
Internet Marketing newbies represent the largest number of people who burn out or otherwise fail to make it in internet based businesses. In this article, I have some tips which can help newcomers to not only make it, but to thrive in the world of web based business. If you are new to the field yourself, you'll read a lot her which will remind you of yourself.

You aspire to make the kind of income which would come from a high paid full time job; for the most part without putting in very much time actually working - letting you enjoy your income and living the kind of lifestyle you want.

Your name is on a multitude of different email lists; there is no internet marketing guru who doesn't have your email address on their list - and you get hundreds of emails each day form these self appointed gurus.

You're online constantly, always trying to figure out how to make your online business successful. You learn new aspects of the business just about every day - you spend a lot of your time watching videos, listening to audio courses or reading e-books which promise to tell you how to get in on the latest and greatest way to make money online.

You buy far more materials - scripts, systems, software and so on than you could ever hope to actually use. You have hundreds of MRR, PLR and RR e-books, tons of software and scripts, all kinds of memberships all purporting to answer the question of how to make money on the internet; all languishing on your hard drive.

What all of this leads to is an overload of information. You find it difficult to take action on the basis of the things you already know or the resources you already possess. You might think that this article doesn't really speak to you - after all, you do take action, right? I'd just like to ask - then why aren't you wildly successful yet? And more importantly, why do as many 95% of internet marketers fail?

The answer is simple enough - it's just not enough to set up a website, get an autoresponder up and running, write articles, bid on AdWords keywords, post ads on Craigslist or even iunvent your own product to sell. While all of these steps are important, the way to really succeed involves more than this - here's what to do.

First of all, get off some of those lists! You shouldn't worry about losing out on important information - you've already got more than enough to get yourself on the right path. Just use the information you already have and stop reading every new so-called "new innovation" in internet marketing. After all, the big players in the industry didn't get where they are today by spending all of their time reading these e-books.

Second, try to maximize the return on your time investments every day. While listening to and reading these internet marketing materials is all well and good, it isn't going to make you money. Building your website in and of itself doesn't make you money either; while these are important things to do, don't spend all of your time on them. By taking too much time with these activities, you are lowering your potential earnings.

Third, take action methodically - one step at a time. Any internet marketing venture requires more or less the same tactic. Find a niche which will make you profits, find good keywords, find or make a product, make a website and an opt-in form, bring in traffic and keep an eye on results. Next, establish a relationship with your subscribers via email. Don't just give them a sales pitch - give them information which they can actually use and will enjoy.

Internet marketing gurus like to say that making money online isn't that complicated - and they are right. The tips given here are easy enough to follow and will eventually produce higher revenues for you. And it's definitely better than the hit-and-miss method used by most newbies; which more often than not has disastrous results. Making a success of internet marketing is dependent on not only doing the right things, but doing them in the right way.
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Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News , a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.
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