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Do You Want to Run a B&B?

Sep 10, 2008
If you decide to run a b&b then you need to make it a goal to have the very best one out there. You want the reviews about it to rave about how wonderful it is. That way more people will be contacting you to make a reservation. Imagine having to turn away reservations again and again due to already being booked. That is the best scenario the owner of such a business can hope for.

In order for it to become a reality you have to be passionate about your business. You need to be willing to go beyond what everyone else is doing in that industry. That way you can offer something more substantial. Creativity in the area of running a b&b will take you a long way. People are refreshed when they are exposed to something that is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Are you willing to offer them that?

Anyone can run a b&b but not everyone can do so effectively. You may be skeptical about the industry with so many of them for sale. However, it may surprise you to learn there is quite a demand for b&b locations. Yet people want a nice place to stay in and they definitely want excellent treatment while they are there. They want it to be easy to find and affordable.

Some people think a b&b is only for couples on a romantic getaway for the weekend. That is only one scenario of who your guests will be though. Many others are fond of them as well. They include people coming to town for business or to see family. A b&b is more intimate than a hotel room and that is what they are looking for. The comforts of home and being more than just a room number.

Before you decide to run a b&b you need to ask yourself if you are willing to be all those things to each of your guests. You will have to start your days early so you can prepare meals for them. You will have plenty to do during the days too in order to get the rooms clean and ready. It can be a wonderful business for the right person to take part in.

When you run a b&b don't forget one very important detail - advertising. Do your best to incorporate multiple streams of advertising so that you can generate an interest in your business. Too often guests would be interested in your business but they don't realize it exists out there. They may just end up searching for hotel rooms because the thought that there could be a wonderful b&b there too doesn't cross their mind.

Pay attention to how your run a b&b so that it is fun for you and that you make plenty of money at the same time. You definitely have the opportunity to do so but what you do with that is up to you. Understanding the business from the prospective of the guests is one way to make sure you don't overlook details that can affect them coming to stay with you again.
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Patti Rob writes about the ups and downs of starting and running a B&B. You can avoid the common rookie mistakes and take the B&B Owners Quiz at BedandBreakfastProfits.com
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