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Not Everyone is Ready to Run a Restaurant

Sep 10, 2008
Not everyone is ready to run a restaurant so you need to take a full assessment of your skills. You may love to cook and to work with people but that simply isn't gong to be enough for you to be successful. In order to run a restaurant you have to have all of the behind the scenes elements in place. That way your staff has the tools and resources to do their job well. Your guests will also be happy with what takes place and come back again.

When you run a restaurant you have to think about the big picture. What is it that you are able to offer your customers? What is so significant about it that they will choose your location over all of the competitors out there? Offering delicious food is just one part of the equation. They have to find enough value in it as well. That means the location is convenient for them to get to. It also means that they find the food they get to be worth the money you are charging them for it.

If you are wary about your overall skills to run a restaurant you may want to lean towards a chain establishment. This is because they have tried and true methods of operating the facility that do work well. You will get all the training you need to incorporate those same policies and procedures into place. This definitely takes the guess work out of it for you to know what direction to take the business.

Not everyone is happy with the cost associated with getting into a chain establishment though. They also don't like having such rigid guidelines to work under. After all, one of the reasons they decided to start their own restaurant was so they could do things their own way. Even if you don't have the right skills to run a restaurant right now you can certainly gain them.

For example you can enroll in restaurant management and ownership classes. Many college campuses offer them for a reasonable cost. There are also online courses that can fit very well into your schedule. You may want to take a job working as a manager for another restaurant in the mean time so you can get some hands on experience as well.

Carefully evaluate the market for a new restaurant in your area as well. Can the local economy really support another one? What type of food place is in demand where you live? If you enter a type of restaurant that there are too many of you simply aren't going to generate the volume of revenue you need to be successful. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to stop visiting those other locations in favor of yours all the time.

If your dream is to run a restaurant then you definitely want to do all you can to achieve that goal. Take your time to do it the right way though so you can be very successful. Too many people rush into opening the doors and sadly the end up having to close them too soon afterwards. You don't want that to be the course you end up on when you make the decision to run a restaurant.
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Patricia Farnham has a long, successful background in the restaurant industry. To read her opinions, warning and advice on how to start a restaurant and other topics, visit her website.
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