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How To Use Article Marketing To Sell To Others

Sep 10, 2008
As a business person you are certainly aware of the importance of making sales in order to make money. Whether your product is a service, a physical product, or a downloadable ebook does not matter, ultimately you need sales if you are to generate an income. Article marketing is a tried, tested, and proven way of promotion that leads to many benefits, including that of increased sales.

One of the reasons that article marketing is so effective is that by virtue of the fact that you write the articles you essentially become an expert and an authority in your subject matter. The more articles that you submit the more recognition you will gain as being an authority.

Although the goal of the article itself is not actually to make a sale, it is to inform and create an interest in your product. It is important that you keep in mind how and why the reader found your article in the first place.

In almost every case it will be because he or she was seeking information, not a sales pitch. You will provide your sales pitch in your resource box and on your site.

So when you write the article you should discuss information that will be interesting and informative while subtly building an interest for what your product can do for the reader. You must always keep in mind that the article is a tool for you but a resource for your reader.

This means that a carefully crafted article will not only inform the reader, giving him or her some useful information, but it will also let the reader know that you know what you are talking about. This will build your credibility. If the article is full of fluff that can be found on any website or in any other article available then it will not stand out. Additionally, the reader is not likely to be impressed with what he or she reads and even less likely to regard you as an authority.

Your resource box should continue the flow of the article. If you have done a good job writing the article then by the time reader gets to the resource there is already an interest for what you are offering. This is the time that you let the readers know that you have the solution to their problems or a way to make their life better.

You see, your article informs but it also builds a desire for something. That something may be a product or service that the reader had no idea even existed. Your resource box will now guide them to that needed product.

Through article marketing you will see increased traffic, traffic that is targeted. This means that your visitors will be coming to your site with a real purpose in mind. They already know what you have to offer and they want more information or perhaps they will already have their credit card in hand. And the good news is that your articles will be working for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for years to come!
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