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Is A Video Submission Service Right For You?

Sep 10, 2008
Is a video submission service right for you? You may ask yourself that question as you try to market your video so that it gets the proper attention that it deserves on the internet. It has been reported that people are making millions from online videos because they are so prevalent on the internet. There is more video online than ever before and the numbers are increasing.

It is no secret that people are visual learners and would prefer to watch a film or TV show than read a book. Most people complain that they have to read a lot for work and want to relax their eyes when they are home entertaining themselves. Video ads, therefore, are the most logical solution to online advertising. The market for video ads is hot and getting hotter. But you have to know a bit about internet marketing before you try to market your ad video.

One thing that videos can do that print ads cannot do is get picked up in the search engines. But this cannot happen unless the video is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization is essential if your video is going to be found online. If you do not have SEO meta tags and titles, chances are very good that you will submit your video for no one to see. There is a lot of competition out there for viewers so you need to have your video and your website search engine optimized.

An SEO video has an opportunity to be viewed by millions of people on a site like You Tube or Google Video. One of the best aspects about using video ads is that they will actually rank in the search engines, unlike regular printed ads. With the proper SEO, your video can rank high in the search engines. And with millions of potential viewers, you have the opportunity to direct them to your website from your video where they will buy your product or service.

You have to understand how to create a successful video with regard to the technical aspect. You should be familiar with formatting and compression and how to use them in your video. There are studios that will create a video for you and will charge around $2,500 for a video, depending on what you want in the video as well as the timing aspect. It might be cheaper for you to have someone create the video for you.

After the video has been created, it must then be submitted to the right sites online. Right now, there are at least 50 sites that you should submit your video ad to. Do not rely solely on You Tube for your sole submission - that is a mistake. Submitting your video can be very time consuming, but will be worth it in the end if your video has been search engine optimized. You have the chance to spread your video all over the internet.

After you have submitted your video, you then have to market it online. This entails posting links to the video in forums, blog posts and even bookmarking the video. A press release should be issued and posted online at once as well. If you do not have the expertise to create and market the video, you should consider using a video submission service to help you.
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