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4 Tips For Effective Split Testing

Sep 10, 2008
Split testing is the key to tracking your business numbers and improving your bottom line, but what should you test? How do you do split testing? Read on to find out four tips to get your split testing ball rolling.

First, why is split testing important? You can launch your product with a slew of joint venture partners, but don't forget about split testing. Just thinking that you are automatically going to make money is not enough.

If you don't split test, you have no idea whether or not you have a higher profit potential. If you don't split test then you could missing out on thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Split Testing Tip #1: Test big differences first. Don't worry about the color of the headline and other small tweaks at the beginning. Instead, focus first on changing your entire offer. For example, you can split test entirely different approaches to sales letters.

Another example is to split testing a sales letter versus a video. You will most likely get very different results from the sales letter versus the video. This big change can help you to focus on the more successful approach.

Once you find the approach that works better (such as video) then decide to focus on testing the video. This is then when you can look at the nitty gritty details of the video. You can now split test small tweaks in the video. You can then engage in multivariate testing.

Split Testing Tip #2: The results of testing are not a one-size-fits all. Just because a certain technique worked for one website or Internet business, doesn't mean it's automatically going to work for you. You can listen to what techniques these websites use and try them, but know that you may have drastically different results. The key is to not sit back and think you have an approach or technique in the bag. Instead, you need to do split testing on a constant basis.

Split Testing Tip #3: What do you look for in split testing? Focus on the results of your changes. For example, did a change in your website up your conversion rate by 300%? If so then focus on using this approach more often.

Split Testing Tip #4: Keep testing, testing, and testing. Even if you have a huge increase in response rate from a website tweak, it is imperative to keep testing. You may think your approach is the best approach possible, but the Internet, business, and economic environment change constantly. Keep up with these daily changes by split testing every day.
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