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Zango, A Secret Traffic Strategy

Sep 10, 2008
Zango is a secret traffic strategy. This traffic generation method works on cost-per-visitor as opposed to cost-per-click.

How does Zango work? Customers can download free videos, games, etc. from Zango if they download Zango's toolbar. The catch is that the only way to get the free stuff from this website is to have their toolbar. Then when the user clicks for something free on the toolbar then an advertisement or website will pop automatically. This enables you to beat out your competitors because your website will be the first website to pop up in front of the user.

Your website should be very compelling so you can grab the attention of the user. You don't want them to automatically click on the 'x' button to close your website window so they can get to the free content from Zango. You have a limited window of opportunity to have them read your website, so make it eye catching and filled with great copy.

Test your website constantly. Know which keywords are converting. Test audio and video on your website as those often increase conversion rates.

Tip: Testing is critical in Zango because you don't want to blow through your budget quickly. You can use programs such as 'HyperTracker' to see which websites are getting you customers, improving conversion rates, etc.

Tip: Modify your hooks based on the target market. Find out what your market is interested in and wants to see. For example, do they prefer videos? If so then put video on your squeeze page or sales letter and see how the results pan out.

Tip: In Zango don't worry about keywords. Instead, focus on keyword URLs.

Example of Zango:
Let's say you're in real estate investing. You need to find keyword URLs into Zango. Go to Google and type in 'real estate investing'. Every URL on the first page in the results should be used.

Open notepad and copy the URLs from this list so you can see who is advertising on real estate investing. These are the URLs that you will take traffic from when you use Zango.

Tip: Don't use too popular of a URL, such as Fox News, because you will have so much traffic directed to you that you will be overwhelmed. Plus, Fox News will get wind of this.

You pay for the traffic generation on Zango, but it is well worth it. For example, you will only have to pay a few cents for each visitor.

Tip: Test the different domain URLs you use in Zango. Find out which URLs give you the most traffic.

Tip: Not many people are using Zango yet so you don't have to worry about bidding as much as for the URLs as you would bid for keywords in Google.

Tip: Watch TV. Look for companies who have products that are the same as yours. Note their URL. Submit this URL to Zango. You are essentially putting your website in front of these customers. These customers are excellent because they came from an offline manner.

Similar type of websites:
1. www.adbrite You can do text link, banner, and full page ads through this website.

2. www.mediatraffic This is a good place to start for beginners because they have excellent customer support.

3. www.trafficvance
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