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3 Bonus Split Testing Tips

Sep 10, 2008
Do you split test on a regular basis? If not, then start right now! Split testing is crucial to making more money. You have to know what areas of your website, customer service, and purchasing process need improvement. If you don't focus on tweaking your Internet business for the better then you could be missing out on a whole mountain of profit.

You know that split testing starts out by focusing on the forest and then the trees. For example, you should optimize your squeeze page first. You can test large modifications such as video versus no video on the squeeze page and see which option yields the highest opt-in rate.

Then you focus on the trees. So if the video squeeze page worked the best then you focus on tweaking the video to see which type or copy in the video equals the highest opt-in rate.

So let's look at three bonus split testing tips:
Bonus Split Testing Tip #1: Focus on split testing the front end of your Internet business first. Don't worry about split testing your backend because if you don't get the customers in the first place then your backend doesn't matter.

So if the first thing your customers see is your squeeze page then test your squeeze page. Or if the first thing your customers see is your sales letter than focus on testing your sales letter.

Bonus Split Testing Tip #2: Split testing results can vary even when you use the same approach. For example, let's say you are running a promotion. At the beginning of the promotion you may have a huge conversion rate of 25%, but then as the promotion goes on your conversion rate drops. This is normal. In the beginning there is a mad rush to take advantage of your promotion, but then the majority of customers are satisfied and move on to other things.

Bonus Split Testing Tip #3: Constantly optimize your front end offer. Your front end funnel needs to be optimized so you can constantly generate new customers. Acquiring customers is a front end task.

Don't worry about creating more products on the backend. Instead, have one product that is your flagship product. Take the time to focus on the front end by grabbing customers who want to buy this product.
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