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How To Find Lucrative Joint Venture Partners

Sep 10, 2008
How do you put together a simple JV without giving the joint venture partner all your clients?
When you are doing joint ventures and first start off in business, sometimes you have to give up more. It is just a fact of life. However, later on when you are more established you don't have to give up as much.

How can you find joint venture partners? It is easy to find joint venture partners. One way is to use Google. For example, let's say you started a real estate investing company. To find JV partners go to Google and type in 'real estate investing newsletters' and 'real estate investing tips'. Go to the websites that post Google Ads for these keywords.

Make sure that you click on the links provided by Google Ads because these website businesses are paying money to advertise in their niche. Therefore, they may be a more serious, profitable company. So click on the 'Sponsored Links' in Google.

As soon as you land on the website, examine it to see if it is a good joint venture partner. Join their list, forum, and/or message board. The more of a community they have, the better. This is another sign that they are in the game when it comes to a thriving business.

Find the 'Contact Us' information. If they don't give you enough information then you can take the URL and go to http://www.domaintools.com. Paste in their domain name information and you will find contact information for the website. This is the information you want.

Make sure that you join their list. Often you can find their address and phone number in their list. Even if you just have the address, you can find their phone number in the yellow pages in Google or Yahoo. You might have to hunt down their contact information, but you should be able to find it one way or another.

Then contact the website company and explain that you are in the same business. Ask if you can do a promotion with them. You can promote their product or have them promote yours. Introduce yourself by offering to help and build a relationship from there.

Tip: Find out if your potential JVs are going to seminars and conferences. Go to all these seminars so you can meet them in person and network. Whatever niche you are in there is most likely some kind of seminar or conference that you can go to.

Tip: The greatest way to find JV partners is to not be an attendee at the event, but have a booth. Rent a booth. This will instantly raise your credibility. You are no longer just an attendee. You can create joint ventures with other booth people and even speakers.

Remember, in the beginning of your career you may have to give up more time, effort, and customers to the joint venture, but it is worth it.
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