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Self Inking Stamps Save Businesses Valuable Time

Sep 10, 2008
Self inking stamps offer convenience and economy of time in use. They can be used repeatedly without needing re-inking, and save time because there is no need to use a separate motion to re-ink the stamp for each impression. The origins of stamping in general began around 1736, with South American native tattooing.

In 1844, Charles Goodyear developed the stabilizing vulcanizing process for rubber, and by the late 1860's stamps were available for sale. B.B. Hills patented a self inking hand stamp in 1886.

A self inking stamp is a small stamping device that either can be re-inked or holds its own replaceable ink pad. It is used for repeat stamping, literally up to 50,000 impressions. The device operates in a smooth, simple, single motion action, has an internal ink pad, and label area on top for identification.

Self inking stamps are made from either high impact plastic, steel plated metal, or steel. This handy tool eliminates the need for a messy ink pad. A new innovation is the two color self inking stamp.

Self inking stamps vary in size, from 1/2" diameter circle stamps to 1-7/16"x3-1/8" rectangles. Custom orders and sizes are available. The number of impressions range from good quality of 5000 impressions to excellent quality of 50,000 impressions.

Re-inking fluid is available in colors: black, blue, green, red and violet. Re-useable pads can be purchased. Most stamps can handle 1 to 6 lines of text, depending on size.

Self inking stamps come in pocket size, normal desktop size (fits in hand nicely); daters and number stamps are also available. Quality ranges from good to excellent, with the important difference being the number of times a stamp can be used.

Pricing varies with size and amount of text, roughly from $12.95 to $26.95 (USD) for standard self inking stamps. The fluids are available in a 2 ounce size for $4.95 (USD). Replacement pads are used with some self inking stamps, and these need to carefully match the originals.

Text and logos can be created in the rubber stamp area, matching type sizes to the stamp size restrictions. Stamps can be very useful and creative.

Self inking stamps are designed to be very comfortable, to save your hands from unneeded strain. They also last a very long time, so the ink itself will go a long way before it ever needs to be replaced.
Self inking stamps save both energy and time and are usually found in most offices in some capacity.
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