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Increase Website Traffic with an Article Campaign

Sep 10, 2008
How do you substantially increase traffic to your website without blowing your marketing budget? An article marketing campaign is the answer. It's a time-tested method with proven results, and it is something you can do with minimal effort.

The first step in creating an article campaign is to have articles ready to go. You can write your own. You can also save time and aggravation by having specialists write them for you. They will write articles specific to your needs with appropriate keywords and in the proper format. You can run your business while they're running their fingers along a keyboard creating your copy.

The second step in your plan to build traffic with articles is to choose a reputable article distributor. Places like Article Marketer, Submit Your Article, The Phantom Writers, and others provide these services. They are in the business of getting your articles in the hands of editors and publishers. These people are constantly in need of quality articles for website content, ezine's and newsletters. They will publish your articles and the links back to your website. They will also write your articles for you, original ones that are search-engine optimized.

A well-written article that gives readers solid useful information will benefit you. A quality article of this type gives a website visitor confidence in you and your product or service. That's why it's essential that your article encourage a reader to explore further. You want them to take the next step and follow a link to your site for further information.

What are two things you should never do when proceeding with an article marketing campaign? First, do not use an article as a vehicle for self-promotion. There's enough time to do that when they link back to your website. With an article, you want the person to acquire useful information. You want them to learn something. You want them to take inspired action to investigate further. You don't want to 'sell them'.

They will see you as a huckster flagrantly trying to sell, sell, and sell, without regard for their specific needs. They will explore elsewhere in an effort to get away from the hard sell. Don't scare them off; let them make an independent decision to come to you by clicking on your link.

The second thing you should never do is sign-up with a 'fee per article submission' distribution service. You want unlimited article distribution for a one-time reasonable fee. This way you know before your article campaign begins exactly what it will cost and what you will get. You can plan according to your budget and let the article writing and distribution service handle the details. You can tend to other responsibilities knowing they're handling the total campaign for you.

Let an article writing and submission service create an article campaign for you. Wide distribution of your articles, with lots of links back to you, will increase your web exposure. This will increase your web ranking and website traffic will increase exponentially. The result is increased business profits without a big monetary or time investment.

In addition, only sites relevant to your business will publish your articles. You want these articles published on these sites because that is where your potential customers go. They will link back to your site because they are already interested in what you have to offer. With your article, you spur them to visit you. They see that you have what they want, whether it's a product or service.

An effective article marketing campaign is an important element in website marketing. It's something you can proceed with in association with an article writing and distribution provider. Together you can drive traffic to your site -- and the great thing is you can enjoy the view while they handle all the driving details.
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Author Mike Lawson manages the Custom Writing Service for an online writing and editing company. His team works with hundreds of authors on their article marketing campaigns. Looking for custom article writers? Find yours at Marketing Squad.
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