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Creating A Newsletter Subscriber

Sep 10, 2008
One marketing tool that can help propel your internet home business to the next level is a newsletter. Many times a visitor will come to your online store but they will leave before making a purchase. Or, they place an order but you never hear from them again. A newsletter is an excellent method for convincing guests to become buyers or inviting clients to make another purchase. How can you encourage visitors and customers to subscribe to your newsletter? These five ideas can help build your list.

1) Have A Contest

When a visitor comes to your website, offer an opportunity to enter a contest. Tell them that a newsletter subscription provides a chance to win one of your products. This has proven to be one of the most effective methods for capturing E-mail addresses. Winning can be very exciting and you will be surprised how fast the list will grow. Make sure to promote your contest in the upper fold of your home page. And offer a product your visitor can use.

2) Offer A Free Product

When a potential buyer comes to an online store, greet them with an offer for a free downloadable E-book or software if they subscribe to your newsletter. The word "free" can create a very positive response from possible customers especially if it is something worthwhile. Make sure the item is helpful. You don't want the first impression with possible clients to be negative.

3) Promote Your Newsletter

When a visitor lands at an online business, you don't have a lot of time to get their attention. Some studies indicate that the average duration an internet surfer stays on a website is 10 seconds. Promote your newsletter on the top fold of the home page with a message that will compel the guest to sign-up. Briefly tell what the periodical will do to improve their lives. Motivate your potential customer with the benefits they will receive for subscribing.

4) Contact Your Customer

If your visitor becomes a buyer, give them an opportunity to subscribe through confirmation E-mails. Send a thank you message and ask if they would like to sign up for the newsletter. Again, give them a compelling reason to become a member of your list. Offer a discount on the rest of their purchases or suggest a free product. A great place to promote your periodical is through the E-mail signature.

5) Remember Your Customer

Contact your customer periodically and see if they are enjoying the product. Encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter by explaining the benefits. Don't try to sell them anything. Instead, tell about the information you will send on a regular basis. Offer a free incentive if they will join your list. Chances are very good that the customer wants to receive information from you.

Creating a successful home based business is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to form a complete picture. A newsletter is just one part of your marketing puzzle. The goal is to complete your picture to make money online through your work from home business. Newsletter subscribers equal potential customers and the more buyers that you create, the quicker success will arrive.

"All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about"
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