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4 SEO Tips To Grow Your Online Homebased Business Opportunities

Sep 10, 2008
My strategy was based on SEO, article marketing and blog posts, plus small number of forum posts.
As you know the key element of SEO strategy are the keywords, i.e. to optimize every writing with the same terms, which surfers use, when they are seeking for information.

I tell you already now, that the results of this tactics were good, that is why I wanted to write this article to you.

1.I Selected New Keywords, But Kept The Strategy.

This meant that when I earlier had used for instance the term Internet Home Based Business, I picked a new keyword, which meant the same, but reached different niche, like Online Home Based Business.

Then I also tried, how plural forms from my present keywords would look like. When I earlier used Internet Home Based Business Opportunity, I found out that Online Home Based Business Opportunities fulfilled my requirements. So I was able to use my old list of keywords by changing the word internet into online and by checking whether plural forms are possible.

2.I Set A Realistic Target To Reach First Page Ranking.

I have used long tail keywords for years and set the target to reach the first page ranking, not the first place, for my online homebased business opportunities. The reason is that it just takes too much effort to try to get the pole position and because several first page positions can be easier kept than the first place.

So despite of the fact, that the first place would bring more traffic, I saw the first page better because this tactics is not so sensitive to competition but still works fine during a long period of time.

3.I Made The Competition Research.

The page rank is all about competition. We all owners of online homebased business opportunities are competing about the favor of Google ranking software with the amount and the quality of backlinks.

This is a simple reason, why I just had to research the backlinks of the first page sites to be able to see, if my site has realistic chances to reach that page.

4.I Used Long Tail Keywords Including Rather Four Or More Words.

The reason for this operation was simple. The long tail keywords include several related keywords and thus cover many niches at the same time. They have also lower competition, which means that my online homebased business opportunities can keep the first page positions longer.
Because the competition with the long tail keywords is milder, I have to check the page ranks of my online homebased business opportunities after every two months approximately.

As you can guess, the number of my site visitors started to grow little by little, which is the nature of this kind of tactics. But because the new traffic is highly targeted the conversion rates are now also better. This is the reason, why I warmly recommend this tactics to you. Just do it!
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