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Is Your Company's Future a Dream or a Nightmare?

Sep 10, 2008
If you're in business you've had this nightmare or a version of it more than once.

You're in a tiny boat on a fast moving river rushing over submerged boulders in ice cold water. There are steep, sheer, walls of solid rock fifty feet high straight up on both sides of the raging river.

The wind is blowing and your little boat is banging into the cliffs on either side. And to make matters worse, because the river winds through a steep walled canyon, you can't see more than a short distance straight ahead, not around the corners that appear every minute or so.

You have no way of knowing what's coming up. Will it be a calm crystal clear lake, a series of boat crushing rapids, or a sheer drop to destruction?

You wake up in a cold sweat - look at the clock knowing it's too early to get up. But since you'll never be able to get back to sleep anyway - you get up and start your day with several more hours to worry about what's going to blindside you next.

Or maybe you've just returned from an association event where you've been talking business with your peers.

You have the dream anyway - only this time, when all seems to be lost, and fearing the worst you raise your eyes to the heavens - and there perched on the top of the cliff - you see a familiar face. It's someone you know from your association - an industry leader whose opinions you trust - waving down to you from their birds-eye-view of what's just around the bend!

In fact every time you look up you see another trusted advocate - someone with a valuable perspective as well as your best interests at heart. From that moment on your decisions regarding the directions you take and the preparations you make - are made with confidence!

What I've just described is a self-directed peer group process that successful business owners are using to save themselves from the number one problem they face -isolation.

Successful business owners tell me that before they began to meet regularly with their peers they were often overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks they were facing - they often didn't know which way to turn or what option to choose.

There was no one around their company they could trust - everyone had their own agenda. They were frustrated by being so out of control, with no end in sight. The things they didn't know kept growing and the things they knew for sure kept diminishing.

And what if the things they knew for sure are WRONG? They know that the number one stumbling block that must be overcome if a business is to remain successful is to recognize and deal with the unintended consequences of untested assumptions.

Peer groups have been around since the beginning of time. Even cavemen had them.

In the 21st Century - the availability and cost of technology takes them to a new level. Free long distance calling allows you to connect regularly with your distant peers and the Internet puts free online discussion tools at your disposal to keep the conversation going.

Now you can stay strategically connected with your peers from one association event to the next 24/7/365 if you wish.

If you and your peer are committed to the process and to one another - the results you achieve will be amazing enough to make your mother-in-law rethink her opinion of your potential.

I invite you to consider the idea of meeting with your peers regularly to become sounding boards for one another.
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Wayne Messick reports on how Main St. businesses are poised to succeed in the 21st Century on his blog
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