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Keep Your Customers Happy to Keep Your Franchise Successful!

Sep 11, 2008
Your franchise has great potential to be successful. One thing that is a must to having a successful franchise business is to have customers. Without customers why are you there? You will not make any money if you don't have customers. So, in reality whether you own an automotive, food, fitness, daycare, convenient store or any other franchise business, CUSTOMERS are your business. Without customers you don't have franchise business or a job. So, if you want to have a successful franchise business you must keep your customers happy!

The top way to keep your customers happy is to provide great customer service to them while in your franchise. So, here are a few ways to provide great customer service to all of your customers:

1. SMILE. Make sure that you and all your employees smile at each customer and greet them. You want to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable while in your franchise. If a customer does not feel welcome chances are you will lose them.

2. Provide assistance but don't be too pushy. Make sure that you offer assistance to each customer as they enter your franchise, let them know that if they need anything you are more than happy to help them. But don't be too pushy if they don't want or need your help, leave them alone. Make sure that you train your associate to do the same.

3. Provide quality products. If the products you are offering are not of good quality they will not buy them and you will lose that customer to a business that does offer quality products. If you know that something needs attentions or is not up to par, fix it.

4. Keep your store clean. Customers want to shop or do business that is clean and well maintained. If the store is not maintained why would the customer want to purchase anything from your franchise business?

5. Have knowledgeable staff. Make sure that you train your staff the best you can. Customers want to be able to ask a question and have it answered quickly and friendly. Time is important to customers just as it is to you, they do not want their time wasted because your staff doesn't know what they are doing.

6. Handle complaints fast and friendly. If a customer has a problem make sure you listen to the problem and fix it as quickly as possible and the hardest part sometimes is to do it with a smile on your face. Also thank the customer for letting your know there was a problem, that way you know what needs to be fixed and you can handle it appropriately.

7. Conduct customer service surveys. This will give you an idea of things that are working for your customers and ideas for what you can improve on in customer service. Nothing like a reality check for your business.

8. Give a little. Everyone loves free stuff, even if it is something small. If possible as an extra way to say thank you give samples or other small tokens of appreciation. After all without the customers where would you be?

9. Always thank the customers for their business!

Keep your franchise business successful they keeping your customers happy with these simple tips!
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