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Set Your Franchise Up For Success by Setting Goals

Sep 11, 2008
In our lives we should have goals set for ourselves. We may set personal, financial, educational, work place and other goals for ourselves. Realistically speaking we should set short term and long term goals. If we do not set goals for ourselves where are we trying to go and where might we end up without them. The same theory holds true for your franchise business. Where could your business end up if you do not set goals for it. Also, if you do not set goals for your franchise how will you even know if you have been successful or not with it?

When you first become a franchise owner make sure that you start by determining what you want to accomplish by owning a franchise. For example you may have a goal of spending more time with your family, or making more money, or simply being able to be your own boss, or any other number or goals you may have set. You must make sure that the franchise you choose will meet those goals before you pursue the franchise opportunity. Figure out what you want to get out of the experience!

Once you have determined the goals you want to have met by being a franchise owner, you must set the goals for your franchise business to help you reach your own goals. Start by putting your goals in writing. This is a great way to keep them clear and available to recall easily. Make sure that you write each goal with a certain criteria. For example don't say "my goal is to increase sales", write a goal like this "my goal is to increase sales by 10% in one quarter". This way you really have something to work towards, "increase sales" is a generic statement. Your written goals should be written positively. For example you might say "the franchise will keep the same amount or greater of customers" instead of "the franchise will not lose any customers". Keeping your goals positive helps you achieve them better. You may also consider making a small list of positives and negatives that will happen if you do or do not reach your goals. This way you will constantly be reminded of why you set the goal in the first place. Ensure that these goals have meaning to you and that you truly want to reach them, this will be key in reaching them.

Now that we have talked about how to set goals, you should also consider making two lists of goals. One list should be a short term and the other list a long term goal list. You should have goals for each list if you want to be a successful franchise owner. Make sure that you have small goals you can reach in a short time and other larger goals that will be met over a longer time period. Also some of your short term goals should help you reach your long term goals.

Set goals for your franchise business and you can be a successful franchise owner!
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