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A Review of the Kanosis Income Opportunity

Sep 11, 2008
If you have been on the internet at all in the past few years, you can recognize the need for security, and if you recognize that need, than you understand the need for the company Kanosis. Founded in Cyprus, Kanosis is a company which is putting forth its program, Coil, as a solution to many of the issues with the internet. Along with this fascinating new technology, you'll find that there is also an opportunity for the MLM marketer who is looking to get involved in a brand-new and decidedly ambitious opportunity.

Coil is essentially a means to upload the entire contents of a hard drive onto a remote server. When this has been done, your computer will essentially be accessible to you from any connection in the world. More than just documents or files, you'll be able to connect to your business applications, your instant messaging, your video mail and all of your multimedia. This, coupled with a greater degree of security than ever before, makes Kanosis quite promising in therms of the product.

Kanosis intends to build up an online global community that is permanently connected through their network. Along with a bank account and debit card, this network will also feature e-mail and have several similarities to networks like MySpace. Although Coil itself is a big part of what this company is selling, it is not necessary to subscribe to Coil to get to the online community. If you are thinking of getting involved with this opportunity, it is important to think about what kind of commitment it will entail.

If you are interested in this company, you may be interested in becoming involved as an Associate. As an Associate, you will be taking part in a plan that combines viral marketing and network marketing, with the payout equaling what the company calls a 2X14 forced matrix. In this system, you'll find that commissions are paid out at 70% of the value of every product, at 5% for each level and position. There is a monthly product commitment that equals 22 dollars and a 25 dollar membership fee that will allows you access to both Coil and Kanosis itself.

Becoming an Associate with this company can be a cool deal, just make sure they offer adequate training you can plug into. Also make sure you get good support. I can't stand when I join an opportunity under someone and they are not there to answer my questions. Is your upline proficient in basic Internet Marketing concepts? How about conference calls. Do they have them and how often. These are questions that should be in your mind while searching for the right person to join under.

You will find that with this opportunity, you have the option of getting involved with a brand new way to connect to your computer online. Take a look at the independence that is offered with Kanosis and find out if this product and this type of payment is one that meshes with your own goals and thoughts. Good luck whatever your decision is.
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